The most beautiful immersive butterfly experience exists in London

The butterfly is one of the most amazing insects on the planet. Thanks to its color and its fragile and delicate flutter, it is able to captivate even the most ignorant person. Watching them is pure magic. They are also a symbol of Continuous transformation thanks to the transformation processAs well as perseverance and flexibility. That’s why it’s no surprise that we’re so drawn to them.

Can you imagine being able to enter a world full of butterflies where they land on your hands and there are hundreds of different colors? London has been hosting since September A digital experience unlocked every day for free based on the world of butterflies.

“Butterfly Road”created by Pixel Artworks, is located in the new building of the Now construction, in London Internet, the city’s first district dedicated to immersive experiences. In this place they have a daily music, arts and entertainment program presented on the world’s largest LED screens (interactive 360° and 4D), along with interesting places to eat, drink and enjoy live music.

The Butterfly Trail, which you can access from 12 noon to 6 p.m., features a butterfly trail that guides visitors through the plant workshop of intrepid explorer and educator Peter Pilgren. The goal is to get to your glass house where you can interact and explore the experience using your mobile phone of course. That is, through the application created for this occasion, visitors will be able to release butterflies and activate animations in real time.

“It’s wonderful to think that you can step into nature in the heart of London and hold butterflies in your hand! RELEASE Butterfly trail At Outernet, one of the UK’s most visited attractions, with this innovative experiential technology, we help us break creative boundaries with audiences seeking New and exciting immersive experiences. “This is the next generation of experiential entertainment, demonstrating the potential of augmented reality when seamlessly combined with imaginative and immersive worlds, elevating our everyday experiences to new heights,” explains Tom Burch, Managing Director of Pixel Artworks.

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