The most beautiful city in the world according to science

We told you that a few days ago Agulo, A municipality located on the island of La Gomera, Cannes She was chosen as the most beautiful in Spain according to The Times Its valleys, landscapes and wonderful landscapes.

Now we want to tell you objectively The most beautiful city in the world according to science. Study by Online Mortgage Advisor In architecture, he compared the architecture of cities with the golden ratio, a mathematical scale of Greek origin widely used in art for its harmony.

Thus, you get an arrangement according to the harmony of its architecture with the most beautiful cities in the world and ranked first Chester in England. In this study, they used Google Street View and took pictures of streets and buildings.

Chester: 6 essential places to discover in this city in England | Image of Stephen Hamilton on Wikipedia, License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Therefore, the conclusion is that the city with the highest alignment is Chester 83.7% gold. It is followed by Chester, Venice with 83.3%, London with 83%, and from Spain we find sixth place Barcelona with 81.9%.

It is located in the northwest of England and was established as a Roman fort in the 1st century AD. c. The Romans called it Diva, Castra Divana or Diva Vectrix, after the River Dei. It is the only city in England that still has its own walled walls and some of the places you can’t miss if you visit are Norman Cathedral, Eastgate, The Roses and the River Dee.

Ranking of the most beautiful cities in the world according to science

1. Chester (83.7%)

2- Venice (83.3%)

3- London (83%)

4- Belfast (82.9%)

5- Rome (82%)

6- Barcelona (81.9%)

7. Liverpool (81%)

8- Durham (80.5%)

9- Bristol (80%)

10- Oxford (79.7%)

I am sure you are interested…

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