The moon will be at its closest point to the Earth: what it will look like

After Monday’s Supernatural Pink Moon, this Tuesday’s satellite will be at its closest point to Earth, As shown by Planetarium Saint Louis.

This Tuesday, April 27th, the natural satellite will emerge toward the southeast horizon at an enormous apparent size because it will be in one of its largest possible approaches to the planet and they recommend taking advantage of the occasion to take artistic photos.

From 19:15 It would be possible to visually appreciate the appearance towards the southeast horizon from Colors With an apparent size noticeably larger than normal, specialists from San Luis referred to the planetarium.

Monthly, since the orbit described by the Moon around Earth is not completely circular but elliptical, there is a moment of the month when the Ceylon satellite is closest to Earth –Bigio– And another moment when he’s away –Apogee– which has a different optical diameter.

This Tuesday at 00:31, the moon entered its full phase and after about twelve hours, at 12:25 pm, it would find a perigee, 357,378 kilometers from Earth, which is among the most prominent of the paths possible. The nearly simultaneous combination at the time of the full moon and perigee will cause the moon to rise with the giant satellite on the horizon and also very bright.

In turn, they assured from the Planetarium in San Luis that the opportunity would be absolutely perfect to photograph the moon as it departs, so they suggest being very attentive from 7 pm and even trying to compare the image to an object, a monument or steeple for example.

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The Modern Astronomy app allows you to predict what appears on the cell phone screen:

Finally from the flesh, they recommended recreating the phenomenon –Even before that happens– And see the exact location and time of the moon according to where the event is observed, with the modern application for mobile phones (Sky SafariIt is very easy to use and can be downloaded for free from the official website www.PlanetarioDeSanLuis.Org

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