The Moon may be a spacecraft created by extraterrestrials, according to Soviet scientists

The Luna It is the only natural moon on Earth and the fifth largest moon in the Solar System. Although not much is known about it, there are many theories about its origin. The most widely accepted so far is the big effect theory, which says that Luna It was formed by a collision between Earth and the protoplanet Theia, which is the size of Mars. However, a Soviet study I thought of an unusual possibility: that The moon could be a spacecraft created by a higher intelligence.

This was stated by the two Soviet scientists Alexander Shcherbakov And Michael Fassin In 1970, when they postulated the theory that Luna It is hollow and not even a product of nature, but something artificially created by aliens. In their hypothesis, they stated that there are many coincidences that Luna It is not a product of nature but something meticulously created and artificially created.

But no matter how strange it brought about in science, the theory became very popular. “Abandoning traditional methods of common sense, we have indulged ourselves in what may at first glance seem like wild and irresponsible imagination. But the more we examine all the information that man has gathered about the moon, the more we become convinced that there is not a single piece of information that disregards our assumption”, scientists expressed to the magazine Sputnik.

The Moon, a perfect spacecraft created by extraterrestrials, according to Shcherbakov and Vasin

according to Shcherbakov And Fazen, The Luna he is “A satellite that was put into orbit around the Earth by intelligent beings from a highly advanced civilization”In other words, a spacecraft with tools and fuel inside and a very hard surface on the outside to protect it from the blows of other elements in space.

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Everything necessary for this ‘universe caravelle’ to serve as a kind of ‘Noah’ ark’ for aliens, perhaps even as the home of an entire civilization that envisioned a long-term existence for billions of years and long voyages through space billions of kilometers.

In addition, Soviet experts revealed that lunar craters were designed with the ideal elements to be a resistant spacecraft.. “All are metals with heat-resistant, mechanical and anti-corrosion properties. A mixture that has enviable heat resistance, as well as the ability to withstand an aggressive environment. “

“If a material had to be invented to protect a giant satellite from the unfavorable effects of temperature, cosmic radiation and meteor bombardment, it is likely that these metals would have been recommended by experts. Is this not the same mixture that space designers sought to protect the moon?”

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