The Miracle: Synopsis, Premiere & Netflix Movie

Canada, Spain, the United States, and soon London are just some of the countries where the new film El prodigio by the Chilean director, Sebastian Liliochecked differently Film Festivalswhich leaves critics and audiences with a lot to say about it.

Back in the bleak Victorian era in the Irish Midlands, Marvel It is the perfect blend of suspense and mystery with award winning photography commissioned Director Ari Wegener The dismal music by celebrities Composer Matthew Herbert They promise their viewers a time full of emotions and entertainment.

Schedule the date on your calendar. Here is everything you want to know about Marvel.

When is The Miraculous released?

Florence Pugh stars in The Prodigy.Netflix

This month continues to surprise us The first shows that keep hitting the platformThis case is no different. Yes good, Marvel It has already been shown in some festivals, and First official show For a feature film around the corner. Netflix announced that the movie will be arriving November 16The perfect time for you to tap and get ready for an unforgettable movie night.

What is the miracle?

Marvel Take us to 1862 to enter Lip Wright’s lifean English nurse caught up in a strange case over which she must travel to a remote village in the bowels of Ireland, to participate in a study consisting of observing Anna O’Donnell, a young woman who asserts that she survived for months without eating.

The trauma of the entire town and Anna’s family’s religious beliefs indicate that the mysterious event is a miraculous fast and that God chose Anna. Lieb will attempt to find a medical answer to what happened while escaping the demons of the past that torment her, while putting her knowledge to the test, with the intervention of her mind and morals, to solve what is happening within this inexplicable state.

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miracle crew

The actors have great participations, some of them are familiar with the world of mystery and horror, as is the case with Florence Bogethe famous actress who has already been nominated for her work that will give life to the tormented nurse, Lieb Wright. booge He has been part of projects like midsummer s do not worry my loveRibbons laden with mystery. young talents Killa Lord Cassidywill be the one playing the mystery girl, Anna O’Donnell.

Tom Burke as William Burn Eileen Cassidy Like Rosalyn O’Donnell niah qatar like kitty and Josie Walker As Ryan’s sister, she’s just another performance we can expect on screen.

What book is The Prodigy based on?

The Prodigy is based on the novel of the same name by Emma Donoghue.Copyright © 2022 Netflix, Inc.

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