The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation launches the “More and Better Democracy” portal

40 years after the return of democracy, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation launched the portal “more and better democracy” A virtual memory space where publications made by the scientific community on Argentine democracy are made available to the community.

The contents offered include, among others related to that historical moment in our country, topics such as: the last civil-military dictatorship, the restoration of democracy, the right to identity and the trial of the military junta. These are more than 9,000 research results, including scholarly articles, books, master’s and doctoral dissertations, available in open access through the network of institutional repositories that make up the National System of Digital Repositories. These results will increase with the gradual incorporation of new materials into affiliated repositories.

Dissemination of national scientific production through institutional open access repositories is a way to democratize access to knowledge provided for in Law No. 26899 and its regulations. This regulation requires public organizations and institutions of the national system of science, technology and innovation that receive funding from the national state, publish in open access through interoperable digital repositories, scientific and technological production resulting from work, training and / or projects funded in whole or in part by public funds.
In contrast, the portal is possible due to the interoperability standards and protocols set by the National System for Digital Repositories, following international guidelines and agreements, which allow repositories to communicate and integrate with each other.

open access
The Open Access (OA) model of science and technology production allows users, free of charge, to: read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to full-text scientific articles and use them for specific purposes. Legitimate links to scientific research, education, or public policy administration, with no economic, legal, or technical barriers other than those associated with the Internet connection itself.

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The only condition set by the OA model for the reproduction and distribution of available works is the obligation to give authors control over the integrity of their work and the right to acknowledge and cite it appropriately.

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