The Ministry of Science and Technology accelerates the digital transformation in the country | News

The Peruvian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (Capece) considered that the creation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation would accelerate the modernization and digital transformation of the country.

“The creation of a Peruvian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation will help accelerate the country’s modernization and digital transformation,” he said.

The President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, announced yesterday, in his inaugural address, that his government will encourage the creation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Technological Innovation in order to promote the generation of knowledge necessary for development and technological independence. from the country.

Capisi said that decentralizing e-commerce from Lima into the country should be a priority goal.

“Despite the fact that Centers for Productive Innovation and Technology Transfer (CITEs) are central to the process of economic revitalization and production clearing up in regions, they follow very traditional marketing processes,” he said.

The association indicated that during the year 2020, there was a growth of 400% in new companies entering e-commerce, which raised the level of online consumption in retail by 250% compared to 2019.

“For this reason, we emphasize that the digital acceleration of mypes is a driver of job creation and of strategic importance to the country,” he stressed.

Capece suggested that the public-private dialogue should be maintained through the creation of working groups of actors specialized in e-commerce and digital transformation, to talk about how to promote and accelerate the digitization of companies at the national level.

Capece’s president, Helmut Cassida, said e-commerce has been the main champion in revitalizing business and the economy.

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Let us trust that the next government will promote the development of the Internet in the regions. “The big challenge is the decentralization of electronic commerce to the provinces, so let us work for it,” he added.

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