The Ministry of Science allocates funds for the construction of the Niocinian Scientific and Technological Pole

The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Daniel Filmos, visited the province of Neuquen to sign an implementation agreement with the municipality of Neuquen to ensure financing for the construction of the third unit of the science and technology pole in the provincial capital, an investment of 637,954,467 pesos, under the federal program “Science Building”. science file owner, Daniel Filmos; County Governor Omar Gutierrez and Neuquén Mayor Mariano Guaido.

Filmos highlighted the detailed work of the municipality and the county to identify the project that “will be tendered soon and in 2023 we can open it” and noted that “so far science and technology have been concentrated in the metropolitan area, a level of inequality is very large “and thanks to the Science and Technology Financing Act” 20 % of the investment is directed to the flag federation. The minister pointed out that “what the governorate and the municipality have done is an example of the efficiency and speed of resorting to this support with national funds. The difference in Argentina is how we change the productive matrix and how we add value from the work of our people and in this way science and technology are done.

“We are convinced of the development of the knowledge economy,” said Governor Gutierrez, who considered that the planned investment would lead to “further development, job creation and local purchase.” In this sense, “we were able to reduce the unemployment rate in the province by almost half this last quarter, which led to good job creation,” he said.

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For his part, Mayor Guaidó stressed the importance of “working together to strengthen this scientific and technological pole”, and highlighted the speed with which all organizations join forces to advance this project as quickly as possible.

The purpose of the Scientific Technological Pole is to create a space in which the public, private, educational and corporate sectors are linked, and is concerned with the formation of a business community focused on the development of applied technology for business, educational and research purposes primarily. The space will house the Neuquén Agency for Innovation for Development (ANIDE) and other member organizations of the regional science and technology ecosystem, linked to biomedicine (focusing on research and oncology treatments), alternative energies and technological innovation.

The project provides for the construction of three building units and an approximate total area of ​​6,500 square metres; The construction area of ​​the third building (unit three) will be 1,756 square meters and will be of vital importance to finalize the formation of the public, private, academic and scientific ecosystem.

The “Building Science” program seeks to contribute to the strengthening of institutional capacities for scientific research, development and technological innovation of the institutions of the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation (SNCTI) by strengthening building infrastructures, taking into account the following: Federal perspective.

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