The Minister of Science and Innovation concludes her visit to Benasque and Graus County

The Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, has met the many entities that make the province of Huesca a benchmark in scientific research and R + D + i, and in the industrial field. After visiting the facilities of Iberfoil, in Sabiñánigo, and Canfranc’s underground laboratory, the Minister’s visit to the Territory concluded just this weekend. Science Center “Pedro Pascual” in Benasque and the Truffle Research and Experimentation Center (CIET) in Graus.

The Pedro Pascual Science Center has been operating in Benasque for three decades. A pioneer in the Spanish rural environment in the study and research of the scientific and technological future, It has primary funding from the Ministry of Science and Innovation and support from the Government of Aragon and the Provincial Council of Huesca. The District Foundation is also a founding member of the Centre.

Since 2009 it has its own building in the metropolitan area of ​​the city. DPH President Miguel Gracia stressed that it is organized “Putting the province of Huesca on the world map” At the same time, it shows that not everything has to be in the big cities, but the decentralization models that represent the facilities and services regional rebalancing.

this Recognized throughout Europe, the United States and Japan It acts as a magnet for specialized tourism and its trajectory shows that the cities have great potential, according to what its director, Manuel Asuri, head of the Department of Science and Innovation in the Government of Spain, indicated.

It is usual to Well-known and respected researchers from King’s College London, Queen Mary University of London; The University of Mississippi and the University of Amsterdam, among many others, visit the center frequently. The influence of the center in the valley, according to Ussuri, goes beyond the specialized sector, because it is calculated.For one million euros directly over the year It also contributes to the population’s fixation of the presence of a permanent workforce, most of whom are highly qualified, and in the summer it is reinforced by more places due to the high influx of tourists.

Cultivation of pumpkins and truffles

Another point of interest visited by the Minister is the Center for Truffle Research and Experimentation (CIET) in Graus. The Center’s links with the agro-food sector and, at the same time, with the research team have made it, since its inception, The main point of interest in Spain is the study of fungi And an important element for the economic revitalization of Grausina and its surroundings.

The Huesca Provincial Council launched this center in 2009. It was Commitment to truffle cultivation and recover and re-evaluate agricultural land unsuitable for other types of production. The head of the provincial institution, Miguel Gracia, explained to Morant that CIET constitutes a “model” for how the rural economy and agri-food production can be linked with research to be “references at the national and even European level in this field and in other sectors”.

It should be noted that 90% of Alto Aragonese and Ribagorzan truffles are exported mainly to France. CIET has More than 1,500 hectares are cultivated and the direct participation of about 400 truffle farmers. For all this, close collaboration with the private sector and with groups such as the Association of Truffle Pickers and Aragonese Breeders is essential.

Among the most important Services provided by CIET, highlights advice for truffle growers, analysis of truffles, and fungal seedlings; Detection of Tuber melanosporum mycorrhizae in farms and assessment of their fungal status, in addition to training and applied research work.

The Secretary was accompanied by Diana Morant during the visit Mayors of municipalities in the respective regions where the centers are located: José Ignacio Abadías, in Benasque, and Gema Betorz, in Graus. In both cases, she was also accompanied by the President of the Council of the Province of Huesca, Miguel Gracia, and of the Region of Ripagorza, Marcel Iglesias.

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