The Minister of Health requested that the neighborhood rooms be used as a first window

But he pointed out that in the winter the demand for care for various respiratory diseases increases. For this reason, the Public Health System supports the vaccination strategy and the Minister recommended the application of influenza vaccines as well as pneumococcal and SARS COV2 against the coronavirus.


Influenza puts hospital guards on edge every year.

He said: “The Ministry of Health has never reduced the number of vaccines. Rather, they are provided in health centers and hospitals, and we have increased the time period. We are extending it until eight o'clock in the evening so that workers against shifts can be vaccinated.” minister.

Given the increase in consultations with guards, which have already reached 11,900 requests per week in Neuquén Province, the official advised taking into account neighborhood rooms, which allow more flexible access to professional shifts and which also contribute to relieving demand pressure in the hospital wards.

“We give priority to the first level of care, that is why we are seeking to shift hospitals towards health centres, that is why the cardiology strategy is in health centers so that they get first care and are referred to be given answers,” the minister said.

He also pointed to the ANDES system for managing medical appointments, and its ability to locate users and provide them with medical care in the nearest room.

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“We invite you to come to the health center, as it serves as another service window so that the person who lives in the area can get an appointment,” he said, adding that they have noticed an increase in demand for these adjacent spaces. .

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Attending a primary care consultation also reduces the risk of exposure to other viruses in guard waiting rooms, which are becoming increasingly saturated. However, Reguero recommended using this resource only in less serious cases.

“It is necessary to divide it between patients who are at risk and those who are not at risk. If children have purple lips, or if they are not urinating or cannot drink fluids because of a cough. If so, they should go to the emergency room but if they are accompanied by a mild fever If you do not have difficulty breathing, you can go to your family doctor during normal hours.”

Public health system today

At the same time, he explained that 73% of the population already uses the public health system, and despite the increased demand for guards of clinics and sanatoriums in the winter, “all those who cannot pay co-insurance or consultation or do not” have medicine, come to General system.

For this reason, he explained that in his region, “we work hard, we have input, but we are always behind, and we are trying to catch up.”

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Sebastian Farina Petersen

Regarding the state of the public health system, after a series of complaints about various shortcomings, he noted: “There has been significant progress recently, especially with regard to basic supplies that were a pending order, and we supplied the central warehouse but we have important structural debts, especially in light of Heating that is now evident.

“There are health centers without gas or without heating, like the Villa Farrell team. They have old equipment that requires a lot of maintenance and the components are already available because it has been discontinued,” he said, adding that they prioritize investment in the initial phase. Patient care.

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