The Mexican women’s national team is exploding its potential

Mexican Selection is such a beloved brand that elements of the advancement of the women’s national team begin to integrate into the profitability of its business.

This year in the new communications circle: digitally, the first two miseleccionFem accounts were opened on Instagram and Twitter, and culturally, Mexican-American players were able to connect the interest of football fans and players in the United States and Mexico, sponsors like AT&T began customizing ad campaigns to women.

In calling for the first international tour in 2021, out of 21 players, eight were born in the United States with an average age of 25: Emily Alvarado Natividad (Texas), Maria Sanchez Morales (Idaho), Renee Cuellar Cuellar (California), Bianca Sierra Garcia (California), Jannelli Farias (California), Jocelyn Origel Tavares (California), Kimberly Rodriguez Cupero (Texas), Reina Reyes Stubblefield (Texas).

“The Mexican women’s team has the greatest potential after the United States team, due to the presence of the Mexican Americans. There is a lot of potential, but it takes a strategy that is highly nominated for both male and female millennials, and reaching an earlier generation. Young women feel the desire to play for the national team.” Mexico National, Walter Franco, a sports business consultant for a consulting firm to develop sporting facilities and events, explains to this newspaper.

In the United States by Univisión and in Mexico on TUDN, on April 10 and 13, the women’s team’s first two international matches this year will be shown on TV against Slovakia and Spain, respectively.

The interest in marketing the women’s brand in the United States can be read by Soccer United Marketing’s interest in organizing a tour of matches as it is with the men. Kevin Baxter, a journalist for the Los Angeles Times, told El Economista that he learned negotiations begin this year to start the round in 2022.

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“In the past two years at Univision, the decision was made to build and showcase women’s football, be it the Mexican national team, the Liga MX Femenil or the United States national team, to the point that it is the company that broadcasts the most women’s football matches in the United States regardless of language. In the case of the national team, we have broadcast four matches in the past year and a half, in the case of Liga MX for women we have broadcast more than 50 in 2020 and for the US team we have about 8 matches in the last two years. ”, Marco Lisega, Vice President Business Development and Marketing at TUDN / Univisión.

The TV company notes that TUDN began broadcasting the Mexican women’s team matches in 2019 and that 100,000 viewers were reached as was the case between Mexico and Canada on February 4, 2020, which identified the group leader at Concacaf Women’s. Pre-Olympic.

“The Mexican women’s team has the characteristic that some of the players were born in the United States and from an editorial point of view this helps us to forge a closer relationship with the Mexican community that lives here. We should appeal to the passion of Mexico as it is to the men, but we also know that we are in another country.” He has his own national team and we should treat them the same, “says Liceaga.

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