The medical school in Spain is distinguished by its commitment to the elderly

Recently, in October, at an event in Malaga, 12 stories in defense of the elderly were awarded, in different categories, in which organizations and companies from different parts of the world participated.

Fundación -Juan Cruzado-Vértice Salud has delivered Senior Life Awards that aim to publicly recognize the work that professionals, organizations or companies do on a daily basis to promote active aging and improve the quality of life of older adults. The jury honored 12 outstanding stories behind a passion for standing up for the rights of older people and contributing to their well-being, and more than 30 nominations, both nationally and internationally, have been received for the six current categories.

The jury decided, in addition to the awards in each section, to award 6 honorary awards due to the quality of the performances.

In this regard, the Faculty of Medicine has been honored to launch the Paya Abuelo Diploma with the vision of taking another step in academic planning, in order to address this dimension that means the stage of old age, with modules allowing to act on stimuli and emotions, preferring learning and enjoying at the same time.

This training assesses the work that seniors can do for the benefit of others, as well as stimulating social participation, strengthening social relationships, and preventing social isolation.

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