The Medical Association disowned the celebration without protocols for medical students – Diario El Ciudadano y la Región

The Argentine Republic Medical Association (AMRA), department of Santa Fe, issued a statement expressing their “deepest pain” to photos of students of the United Nations College of Medical Sciences celebrating the traditional “bajada” on the beaches of the “La Florida” spa.

“We know that this celebration is a classic for students who are finishing their studies after many years, and now doing it this way (all together, hugging, without any kind of distancing or constriction) in this context is an insult to the whole community that every day makes countless efforts To take care of himself and prevent the second wave from affecting us as little as possible. Do these young people know that in the not-too-distant future they will have to practice the profession and take responsibility for the Hippocratic oath? Mouth, nose and chin coverings and washing their hands frequently?

From Amra they considered that the college “should ensure strict adherence to protocols with a strong drop in line with both students and the general public.” “This unfortunate act must be punished by the authorities, but beyond what has happened, what must be very clear is that our profession and that of all health workers, especially in the past year, are very far from these disgusting images,” he added.

They highlighted the efforts of health workers during the epidemic: “Working part-time around the clock, seven days a week, put yourself in the first line of risk to save lives by paying your expenses in many cases, and devote the most professional and complete several times without adequate biosecurity conditions so as not to Any patient lacks care, it is the true section of Hippocrates, which we learned and instilled in when we decided to dedicate ourselves to health with a unique and wonderful goal, which is to help people live life in the best possible way. This is who we are and this is how we honor the profession. As such, they will have to rethink whether this is the path they want to take. “

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