The Matrix 4: Everything you need to know about the Keanu Reeves starring sequel

The Matrix 4 is on its way, with Keanu Reeves returning as his iconic character Neo.

Not much is known about the sequel – including the official title – but we’ve gathered all the information there is about the cast, release date, and plot.

These are our conclusions.

Who is part of the cast?

Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss return as Neo and Trinity, despite the fact that both characters died at the end of the third movie, Matrix Revolutions, from 2003.

Daniel Bernhard also reprises his role as Agent Johnson and Jada Pinkett Smith reprises the role of Niobe, who she played in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

It is said that Lambert Wilson will return as the Merovingian as well, if his schedule permits. If she stars in it, Monica Bellucci will likely return as Persephone, Merovingian’s wife.

Aquaman and Watchmen star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is a new addition to the cast, and is rumored to play a younger version of Morpheus.

Lawrence Fishburne, the original Morpheus, confirmed last year that he was “not invited” to participate in the fourth film.

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Neil Patrick Harris, How do I meet your motherMarvel’s Jessica Henwick was also selected, along with Mindhunter and Frozen’s Jonathan Groff, Line of Duty’s Stephen Graham, Spiyanka’s Spartacus Chopra Jonas, IZombie’s Andrew Caldwell, and Brian J Smith. and Toby Onwumere and ErĂ©ndira Ibarra, from Sense8.

Hugo Weaving will not be returning as Agent Smith, and the actor has confirmed scheduling issues.

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Christina Ricci, known for playing extraordinary characters, is the newest member of the cast to be confirmed.

When will the movie be released?

The Matrix 4 premiere was scheduled to premiere on May 21, 2021 in the UK and the US, but was postponed to April 1, 2022 due to filming issues by covid.

However, Warner Bros. has moved the film’s release until December 22, 2021.

Warner Bros. premieres all of its 2021 films on HBO Max and simultaneously in theaters in the United States, where they will be available for one month from their theatrical release date.

What do we know about the plot?

Too little is the short answer. The cast is very tight on the topic of the new movie.

Co-written by Lana Wachowski, Alexander Hemon, author of Lazarus Projectand David Mitchell, author of atlantic clouds, so it could potentially be complicated.

Yahya Madol Abten II said the film was “relevant” and “touches on issues that people have to talk about in 2020, 2021 and 2022.”

Reeves said the film has a “beautiful script that is a love story,” adding, “It’s another version of some sort of wake-up call. It entertains. It has a great job. Everything will be revealed.”

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