The “manhood in the teeth” or the absurd sectarianism of science has awakened

According to the magazine Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), a scholarly publication determined to find the historical causes of “gender” bias, The differences between male and female teeth in the same place and time indicate the gender that received preferential health and nutritional treatment. Among other “findings,” they say it is “surprising that patterns of gender bias that existed in the Middle Ages and earlier are still reproduced in contemporary attitudes.” It doesn’t exactly sound like a scientific fact. (Science I wake up It’s like a DNA strand between which an ideology is inserted, as Michael Crichton wrote that they completed the sequences to create the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park with DNA from other animals) to ensure that medieval patterns can still be reproduced into the present.

Science at the service of thought

Smart Study says it compared “Areas of Europe with historical inequality compared to others that, over the centuries, have shown themselves to be more equal”, an extraordinary voyage there was no need for: of course, equality is not the same, it bears repeating, in Spain as in Iran, though many would probably insist on saying yes, or quite the opposite. It is even possible Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Find a “scientific” reason to prove that equality is greater in Iran than in Spain. Science I wake up It is very strict in the service of ideologyand transforming it into an element of “scientific” judgment.

PNAS researchers say they found it at a site in Istria on the shores of the Black Sea Evidence of bias in favor of men In dental records for AD 550, of the 49 skeletons analyzed, 58% of the women showed signs of malnutrition and dental trauma, compared to 25% of the men. This place contrasts with the studios In Plinkaigalis, in Lithuania, where women’s teeth look best. Of the 157 skeletons, 56% of the men had signs of trauma and malnutrition on the teeth, compared to 46% of the women. With this strange and surely elusive data on the map, Where is the manhoodWhich is also going on at the present time? Is it discrimination or historical and genetic continuity?

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Women have worse dental health

currently, According to the same study, the city of Plinkaigalis, which today is called Kėdainiai, they say they are still very egalitarian in the same way that in Istria they are still very unequal. And in Iran, to complete the example, an advanced society in the past where women (and men) were free and not today? Isn’t this example used by PNAS? A questionable investigation with an ideology disguised as “science”, science I wake up which does not take into account, in this case, the established and proven scientific fact (precisely, among others, reflected in the study by anthropologist John R. Current Anthropology) From what Women (not just in Istria or in Blenkigalis) have worse dental health than men because of the change in life that occurred 10,000 years ago.With the invention of agriculture.

According to Lukacs, the transition from a nomadic to a sedentary society led to a more sedentary lifestyle that increased female fertility. The fact that a woman is often pregnant causes hormonal changes and a decrease in saliva production which makes her more susceptible to tooth decay.. What was added to this was that these hormonal changes caused an increase in the consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates and sugar during pregnancy, as the woman, in addition to that, was responsible for the food.

It’s not masculine, it’s nature

Certainly these scientific conclusions could be considered sexist by publications such as Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences By not including ideological sequences, only scientific sequences, in their analysis. The original, almost preliminary, empirical conclusions that must be discarded in order to start a study where one wants to talk about such a fictitious concept as “dental masculinity”. Some discounts and Many others who have shown that women (not masculine, it’s nature) are “more prone to bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, and cavities.”as said above, due to significant hormonal changes in women throughout their lives, such as pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause.

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Periods of hormonal fluctuations that help multiply the bacteria that produce “A An imbalance of microorganisms that can lead to tooth decay, gingivitis, or periodontitis »among other conditions that science is not interested in I wake up As long as we can say that virility is present even in the teeth.

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