‘The Man from Toronto’ movie review (2022) [Netflix]: Film Heart No. 5637

The man from Toronto It’s everything you can imagine. Action comedy on Netflix, where there is a little bit of comedy and a little bit of action. If you’re familiar with Kevin Hart’s brand of comedy, welcome to his billionth movie.

The man from Toronto This is the new action comedy that Netflix is ​​betting on this weekendFull of big names. As usual the big red color rarely surprises with this type of product, We have a movie with big deficiencies. Kevin Hart He has a very special sense of humor, which does not become a saint for the devotion of many, but with a written script, it usually pays off. This time it won’t be the case, and The film will witness several boring moments where comedy will appear in its absence clearly. Work, although also scarce, feels quality Which gives him the final approval – especially for a particular scene I’ll comment on later -.

Teddy, played by Kevin Hart, is a clumsy and clumsy fitness guru. His wife, played by Jasmine MatthewsShe begins to feel rejected by the great incompetence of her husband, who always forgets or spoils her birthday. Teddy decides it’s time to make a change to save their relationship and plans a romantic birthday weekend at some cabins, but gets the wrong accommodation. Upon arrival, the patrons assume it was who they expected, the man from Toronto: a tormented, ruthless killer known to all criminals as a legend. The real man from Toronto, who plays it Woody HarrelsonHe wants his name back and Teddy just wants to have dinner on time with his wife, but a large international network of criminals and the FBI will thwart his plans.

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It seems that Hart’s career is falteringOr at least that’s the feeling it gives me. Not long ago, he starred alongside him Dwayne Johnsonspy and a half‘, another action comedy where Hart, literally and spacing, plays the same role as in The man from Toronto. This point is really quite the key to tampering with the tape, as You always get the feeling that you’re watching Hart’s previous movie. also, When the action scenes comeundoubtedly the best part of the movie due to its well thought out choreography and very successful direction management, He’s often interrupted by Hart’s comedic attempt. The man from Toronto He struggles throughout the film to put together a consistent tone. It strives to be a serious spy movie, but also a comedy for all audiences. This does not mean that these two things cannot meet, they can, as we have seen inKingsman: Secret Service‘, but The man from Toronto Never strike an acceptable balance.

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Hart’s character always cracks jokes For each line of dialogue, But no one around her seems to notice And it doesn’t offer a replica to match, causing most gags to fail to cause a smile. Things take a turn for the better when the characters of Harrelson and Hart finally meet, with the former putting in an enormous effort to try to get the script off the ground, rarely succeeding. It’s nice to see Woody Harrelson back in the pure action role. It reminded me of the first decade of the twenty-first century when Jason Statham gave us ‘Transporter“. generally, The man from Toronto It’s a show for both of them, so the secondary characters hardly have a minute of glory. The female cast in the cast is just an anecdote, as none of them achieve a role beyond 5 minutes on screen. until Kylie Coco She’s just making a cameo, and it shows that Netflix wanted her there just to put her name on the label. however, Pearson Food It surprised me and left me wanting more. It manages to do a lot in a short time and leaves us with the best action scenes in the movie.

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All is not lost

The man from Toronto

It seems that The man from Toronto It’s insurmountable, but all is not lost. As mentioned before, There is an action scene with comedic overtones worth watchingBecause it’s really funny, creative and the best moment in the movie. Quickly, it reminds and resembles the famous sequence shot in a chapel from the first part of the movie ‘Kingsman’., which I mention again and makes it clear that it was a longtime inspiration for the tape. The scene, apparently recorded in a succession shot, is filled with frantic camera action and impressive weapons and movements. sure, One really good scene in a movie about 2 hours isn’t enough to clean up the messbut it makes The man from Toronto approval and Show what the movie could be. This new Netflix product released today, we won’t kid ourselves, it won’t change your life, but I might entertain him on a Sunday afternoon when you have nothing else to do..

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