The Maduro regime will cede 1 million hectares of agricultural land to Iran

A tractor clears a field of corn left over due to a lack of seeds in Turin, Portuguesa (Bloomberg)

Nicolas Maduro’s regime will allow Iran to use one million hectares of the Caribbean country for agriculture. This was confirmed by the Iranian Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs, who highlighted the two countries’ cooperation and their increasingly strong alliance.

This was said by Mohsen Kushtabar Venezuela has provided Iran with one million hectares of farmland as the world grapples with a shortage of strategic reserves.

“This definitely means that the knowledge of these (Iranian) companies based on knowledge has emerged internationally,” he said.

in June, Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro He visited Iran, where he held talks with his Iranian counterpart. Ibrahim Raisi. both countries Signed a 20-year strategic cooperation agreement “in all fields”.

We have great fronts of cooperation between Iran and VenezuelaMaduro said at a press conference with my boss. “On the energy level, oil, gas, refineries, petrochemicals, on the financial level, on the defense level‘ sums up the Venezuelan.

Really amazing collaboration map‘, he confirmed.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi shakes hands with Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro during a reception in Tehran, Iran on June 11, 2022. President's website / WANA (West Asian News Agency) / Posted via Reuters
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi shakes hands with Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro during a reception in Tehran, Iran on June 11, 2022. President’s website / WANA (West Asian News Agency) / Posted via Reuters

for this part, Raisi stressed that the relations between the two countries are “strategic” against “imperialism”., referring to the United States. “The signing of the 20-year cooperation document is a sign of the will of the higher authorities of both countries to expand relations in various fieldsChief said.

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The Iranian president stressed that Venezuela showed “Complete resistance to imperialist sanctions and threats“, nail “Sanctions and threats‘The people of Iran have suffered’For more than 40 years“.

At the time, politicians did not go into the details of the agreement, but Maduro emphasized cooperation in order to “strengthen the sovereignty and food security of our country.”. It seems that this announcement of Iran’s use of one million hectares goes along the same lines.

In May, Iran’s Oil Minister, Jawad Ojimet him mature During an official visit to Venezuelawhich has the largest proven reserves of crude oil in the world. owji He also met his Venezuelan counterpart, Tariq El Aissamito search for solutions to the economic sanctions imposed on the two countries before United State.

in 2020, Venezuela Receipt of two shipments of fuel and its derivatives Iran To help the country cope with the shortage. Iran It is the third country he has visited mature This week after traveling to turkey s Algeria.

Along with Russia, China, Cuba and Turkey, Iran is one of the main allies of the Venezuelan regime. And like Caracas, the religious government is also subject to harsh sanctions from the United States. Bilateral relations between these two oil producers were already close during Hugo Chávez’s mandate and further strengthened with Maduro, his successor.

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