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The Qatar World Cup 2022 is the perfect excuse for soccer players to show their best skills on the field, However, they say that next to a great man there is always a great woman and many of them treat their wives like true queens, so today We share their life full of luxury, splendor and elegance.

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo

secrets Georgina Rodriguez’s life has been revealed to the masses thanks to her Netflix documentary ‘I am Georgina’Not only did he tell us how he met his “dream man” at the Gucci store where he worked, but he also showed us what his schedule was like when She is invited to pay homage to carpets, her private jet trips, her jewelry, her daily life with her five children, vacations, and to go shopping with her friends in the most exclusive boutiques.

Antonella Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi

It is no secret that Antonella Roccuzzo and Messi have known each other since they were children, but it was not until 2008 that they discovered each other, and since then they have formed a family with their three children: Thiago, Mateo and Ciro. In social networks, she has become an influencer, as she shares her experiences with her young children, Invitations to catwalks, parties, photos with celebrities, trips and sports activities, which he devotes himself to in his spare time.

Karolina Stramar and Duzan Vlahović

Carolina Stramar was Miss Italy in 2019, she became a model and is currently the partner of Duzan Vlahović. On her Instagram account, she has 452,000 followers and there she shares her lively life between trips, red carpets, her work in lingerie design and many collaborations with fashion companies.

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Sandra de la Vega and Andres Guardado

Since 2012, Sandra de la Vega and Andrés Guardado have established themselves as one of the most stable couples in the world of Mexican football, and have decided to start a family with their two young children, Máximo and Catalina.. The wife of the captain of the Mexican team has a vlog called La Capitana and also through social networks reveals a little bit about her life such as trips, her designer clothes, visits to restaurants and vacations with her children.

Aine Coutinho and Philippe Coutinho

Ayne Coutinho and Philippe Coutinho have been married for 10 years, and a few weeks ago they announced they were on their (belated) honeymoon. They met through a friend and now have three children. She offers the details of her life on Instagram: Private jet trips, get-togethers with friends, their own beauty treatments, and their looks with prestigious luxury brands.

Serra Martinez and Ferran Torres

Serra Martinez takes over all the lights in Qatar 2022, as she is the daughter of Luis Enrique, Spain coach and partner of Barcelona striker Ferran Torres. Since she was young, she first appeared in the world of football, but later she chose horses and took up equestrian sports. He is currently 22 years old and studying a distance course in Business Administration and Management at Universidad Operta de Catalunya (UOC).

Paige Milian and Raheem Sterling

Paige Milian and Raheem Sterling are married and have three children. She works as a model in the UK, has a YouTube channel and is also an entrepreneur, a fan of designer bags. He also shares what his daily life is like with the England team member, vacations on yachts and his trips on a private jet.

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Michel Gerzig and Thibaut Courtois

Michel Gerzig and Thibaut Courtois met last year, and since then, the Israeli model has been dating the Belgian goalkeeper. Do not stop supporting him on any occasion, because he is already in Qatar and also accompanied him to the Champions League 2021-2022. She shares her glamorous life between prestigious brands, versatile looks, courts and travel.

Annekee Molenaar and Matthijs de Ligt

Annekee Molenaar is a Dutch model who fell in love with Matthijs de Ligt. She shares her daily happenings via Instagram amassing 456K followers And so between football pitches, campaigns for luxury brands, vacations and scores of postcards with his friends and showing his love before the eyes of his fans.

Carla Mora and Memo Ochoa

Thanks to a mutual friend, Carla Mora and Memo Ochoa met in 2009 and fell in love. They married in 2017 and have three young children. An influencer and on social networks she is always accompanied by her husband and children, she also collaborates with brands and shares her family holidays and various postcards with her friends.

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