The logo is almost identical to the McDonald’s logo that Russia is proposing to replace the fast food chain

After McDonald’s withdrew from Russia As a measure against an invasion Ukraineof the country’s parliament headed by Russian President Vladimir Putin They suggested that the fast food chain be replaced with one of their own. In turn, the place whose name refers to the work of Anton Chejvov, wants to register a logo very similar to the logo of the American company.

.’s new design Uncle Vanya (Uncle Vanyain Spanish), which is the title of the famous playwright’s creation, on Saturday in Russian Agency for Intellectual Propertyaccording to the Ukrainian News Agency back. It was announced shortly Vyacheslav VolodinSpeaker of the House of Representatives, announced that local branded restaurants should take over locations McDonald’s.

The logo they want to register in Russia for Uncle VanyaTwitter

The amazing fact is that when introducing the chain’s new domestic brand logo, There is an eloquent similarity with the American company. In fact, it is the letter “B” of the Cyrillic alphabet that alludes to the “V” of Vanya and mimics the famous “M” of Dick and Mac McDonald.

Strictly speaking, the rhetoric of the new project was leaning to the left, It is the same color and identical to the North American primary series With the only difference being that the iconic golden arches appear closed with the line necessary to form a “B”. Moreover, so that there is no doubt about the similarity between them, The color red was also used to illustrate the background of the design.

The document is from the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property, where Uncle Vanya made her request for a logo almost identical to the McDonald's logo
The document is from the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property, where Uncle Vanya made her request for a logo almost identical to the McDonald’s logoTwitter

by your decision, McDonald’s closed about 850 stores in RussiaIncluding the historic Pushkin Square. Now it remains to know What will happen to the company’s 62,000 employees. The idea of ​​the Eurasian country is to keep them in their jobs, even though they are from the parent company, they have also ensured that the workforce remains healthy as well.

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However, after learning about the design of the company that would replace the fast food chain, user reviews on social networks quickly multiplied. “They literally put the McDonald’s logo in a yellow rectangleThey must be trolling, right? “Can’t they even find a graphic designer to at least try to recreate it?”; and “Russian residents will never buy this‘, was one of the highlights.

A delivery man waits outside a McDonald's in Russia
A delivery man waits outside a McDonald’s in RussiaGetty Images

While, As mentioned Washington Post in the last daysAnd the This appears to be part of Putin’s plan to nationalize Western companies that have closed down in Russia. In this sense, the North American media translated what Volodin, a spokesman for the House of Representatives, said about the chains that had left the country: “They announced that they are closing. Well, they are closing. But tomorrow in those places We won’t have McDonald’s, but we will have Uncle Vanya. We must keep jobs and cut prices.”

building plan Uncle Vanya They sell hamburgers and snacks, just like the American chain used to do, but their products will be made with 100% national foods.

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