The law on scholarships for medical students is not implemented due to budget shortages – Governorate

The law approved the creation of a system of special scholarships for students from Salta residing in the interior of the province who study medicine at the National University of Salta.

Scholarships are set at amounts of no less than 40% of the minimum living and commuting wage and can be increased as the student progresses through the degree.

In conversation with New dairy deputy competencies, patricio penalba, He stressed that the system is not being implemented due to lack of budget. The reasons are also due to the large number of items that were cut from national programmes.

Penalba (the author of the law) held a meeting with the Minister of Education, Christina FioreThey were able to analyze the law enforcement situation. In principle, the government needs to provide a separate amount for this area in its 2025 budget.

The Minister had agreed at the meeting that the Ministry would plan this amount to implement the system during the next year. In addition, the implementation of the agreement under which the Ministry would federalize training that prepares students to enter professional life was also sought.

The agreement stipulates that UNSa is responsible for providing free training in different parts of the province and preparing students from the interior to take investigative subjects for a medical degree.

“We have seen that some internal children have that difficulty when taking and learning these subjects, or what internal children do often come to Salta Capital, because there are specialized centers or institutes that prepare them, but this means there are expenses not only in the field of “Transportation, but also accommodation and payment for these centres.”

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He added: “This is part of all these measures that we want to implement, which is that we have more doctors from within, and that in the long term, these doctors, once they are trained, can return to their workplace.” “Originally, they have more doctors and more internal medicine specialists,” the MP said.

Fury was committed to initiating this latest measure.

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