The lava of La Palma volcano swallows more than one hectare per hour

After the start of “intensive, seismic and deformation activity” on September 11, a Cumber Vega volcanoOn the Spanish island palmIt erupts more than a month ago, swallowing more than one hectare of island land per hour.

The Spanish volcano, located in the south-central of the Canary Island already accumulate countless earthquakes The severe toxicity of the atmosphere prompted the island authorities to demand residents of El Paso Municipality, one of the closest to volcanoAnd They stay indoors, indoors, at least until October 19 at 9:00 p.m., due to the unbreathable air.

The published satellite maps allow us to observe the red spot of lava rivers in the region. The lava continues to swallow phagocyton terreno As you go, from bangs registered in the last hours.

So far this A new eruption buried another 22 hectares in 13 hours, According to calculations made by the European Copernican System and published by Spanish agencies.

The most powerful eruptions were recorded in the last hour, just before midnight on Sunday. It fell at a depth of 36 kilometers and had a magnitude of 4.6, according to data from the National Geographic Institute.

So far, the surface eaten by the explosions is already reaching 811.8 hectares Since the beginning of volcanic activity of this peak, which has not erupted since 1971, according to the latest data collected by the Spanish press. Already destroyed or 1956 building damaged Many of them were inhabited. Total, Seven thousand people she was evacuation.


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