The latest Windows 10 update is causing low fps and other gaming problems

Microsoft Usual posting Windows 10 cumulative update That regularly accesses Redmond OS to correct problems or cover security holes that could put players’ computers at risk.

This new cumulative update corresponding to April (KB5001330) Arrives but with Various problems Under the arm that this time It affects us playersWindows 10 bugs have been shared by few players and performance drops while playing their favorite games.

Among these failures we find Fps drops With one of the players complained that since he updated the operating systemPerform in War zone It’s down from an average of 90 fps to 75 fps until it’s down to 60 without vertical syncBesides that, other players are also talking about Problems stammer (The game pauses abruptly for a few milliseconds) in titles like Eternal torment However hardware Very mixed, with Intel and AMD processors affected as well as the brand’s graphics running Lisa Su and NVIDIA.

In fact, their own NVIDIA released a statement recommending to uninstall the latest update Windows 10 to solve these surprising problems affecting some players.

How to uninstall the latest Windows 10 update

If you’ve been affected by the KB5001330 update issue for Windows 10, you can always (as recommended by NVIDIA) Uninstall it by following a few simple steps We already showed you a few days ago in Vandal Ware and we’re leaving you again below:

  • Click the button Start up.
  • Click Settings (Gear).
  • Choose Update and security.
  • come in now Windows Update.
  • Click View the history of updates.
  • Click Uninstall updates.
  • In the new window do Right-click on the update you want to uninstall (You have affected click this news) and select Uninstall.

Also if you want to know how to uninstall automatic updating updates manually only, we also share a tutorial with you that you can access from here.

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