The King of Spain returns to claim colonialism in America | “Contribute to Values ​​and Principles”

During a state visit to Puerto Rico, The King of Spain claimed the conquest of America. Far from deciding to seize land and wealth, and submit to the indigenous peoples, Felipe VI He asserted that the arrival of the crown in the sixteenth century laid the “foundations of international law” and “the concept of human rights.”.

This isn’t the first time the owner of the Palacio de la Zarzuela has expressed his elusive interpretation of history. He already advocated colonialism During the festivities he leads himself on October 12 in his country. But The peculiarity of this opportunity is that it took place in a part of the occupied territories.

“The establishment of these cities implies the establishment of government institutions, the construction of universities, schools, hospitals and printing presses.”Felipe said in his address on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the founding of San Jose de Puerto Rico and before the authorities of that country.

He then stated what would be for him a series of eulogies for the 1492 conquest: Spain has brought with it its language, culture and creed. And with all this, it contributed values ​​and principles, such as the foundations of international law or the concept of universal human rights..

Tariffs approved by the Puerto Rican authorities that met at the ceremony. especially for The mayor of San Juan, Miguel Robledo, who still gives him the keys to the city, an honor that seemed to acquiesce in the king’s history lesson.

Nor is it the first time that a king has been honored with praise during an official ceremony in an American country he rules. arrogant management European customs and arguments.

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Just remember when On July 9, 2016, President Mauricio Macri apologized to King Emeritus Juan Carlos de Bourbon for Argentina’s independence. The crown of Spain.

Here I am trying to think and feel what the (Independence Patriots) would feel at that moment. It is clear that they should be anxious to make a decision, dear King, to separate from SpainMakri said during the ceremony in front of the historic Tucuman House and In front of the satisfied gaze of the retired monarch.

In the same way, in the deed that occurred In Puerto Rico, no one contradicted Felipe VI, who explained that human rights were a boon of Spanish colonialism and not of the creole intellectuals who had received their academic training in different countries of America and Europe.

And since no one came out to the intersection, The king continued his own defense of conquest. He celebrated the arrival of the “extremely rich” Spanish language in America, praising it as part of a “common past”.

From that common past, and from those values ​​which Spain contributed then and which are in force today, We should all be proud, Puerto Ricans, Spaniards and the rest of HispanicsAnd think before the Central American authorities.

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