The joy of playing Alfred Hitchcock’s tunes

Fabian Vina is part of the cast, with Freddy Villarreal, Marcos “Pico” Gomez and Andrea Rincon, from Los 39 Escalones. It is the original work of cinema, by Alfred Hitchcock and John Buchan, adapted for theatrical version by Patrick Barlow, and which has already been shown in the United States, Great Britain and Argentina, among other countries. Transformed into a multi-character challenge to a few actors, and with a humorous vibe, she was in her final days at the Teatro del Sol in Carlos Paz, produced by Javier Varone and under the direction of Manuel Gonzalez Gil (who had previously acted in 2010 with Fabiana García Lago). Fabian Gianola, Diego Ramos and Nicolas Scarpino).

— What are your expectations and how do you organize yourself for this season in Cordoba?

It’s the third summer in a row that I’ve been to Carlos Paz. Paula in a separate show [Morales, la actriz y compañera de Vena, protagonizó Andate…! Amor mío], so there’s a strategic move there. Carlos Paz has had Argentina’s strongest season in nearly a decade, with scenery, performances and gastronomy. Last summer, in the middle of the pandemic, we tried to survive and again feel the sensation of going up on stage, in a really big theater that only had 50 people, but it was cool because those 50 people made you feel like there were 5,000 people. .

—What is left of Hitchcock in this 39-step version?

The play is based on the famous 1935 movie Hitchcock, but the English really took it by turns the genre toward comedy. What’s left is the plot, quite a parody. There is no place for suspense, drama, or contemplation. We leave extra minutes for people to have fun and laugh.

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How is the personality changed?

– They left me the only role that is the same character from start to finish. The changes were made by these two exceptional comedians we have, who are very talented and loved by people: Bicho Gómez and Fredy Villareal. It bears all the possibilities of appearing, with great flexibility, grace and strength, with a change of voice, a change of accents, for example, inside a passenger hotel in the Scottish countryside. El Bicho generally plays women and Freddy, the male characters. They also present comedians, inspectors and policemen. At some point, with a simple removal of hats and hats, they play four characters at a time.

How do you combine the demands of your acting career with the demands of parenthood?

I don’t leave too much common law: people who work and have to leave their children in charge, find a way to cover the spaces of each one’s need. Our work is a little different. In fact, boys, especially the younger ones [Vena tiene a Valentino, con Morales, y a Cielo y Vida, con Inés Estévez]Live with our work, on tours and rehearsals. He collects figurines and knows that every time he goes to rehearsal, he gets extra credit from new sets ha ha. Later, at night, he repeats a parade of impossible-to-say texts by the same actor who he already knows by heart: With Paula, we stayed and we can’t believe it. They are accustomed to our world, to erecting the chair in the restaurant, and to sleep, when we have not finished eating after the show. There is a lifestyle (tours, hotels, restaurants) that leaves an imprint in their lives.

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