The journey of two families to reclaim their lands in the case of former judge Jorge Bretelt,


In March 2020, the Antioquia Supreme Court in a 130-page ruling ordered Protection of the right to reclaim the lands of Reinaldo Pascual Villalba Alarcón and Argeneda Maria Hernandez Díaz, according to which the case is recognized as victims of forced displacement. The latter, as a representative of the succession of the peasant Manuel Gregorio Hernández Soto, who died on January 31, 2014, but according to the ruling was the “owner of the right of real estate”.

The characteristics included in this dispute are: “Alto Bonito” and “There is no such thing as God”, two of the four that make up the La Coruna farm, in the rural district of Turbo and which was administered before Jorge Brittlet Shalgob, A former judge of the Constitutional Court and the first judge of the Supreme Court to be convicted of corruption in the country. However, despite the passage of one year and nine months, the transition of the Earth is still evident.

In his utterance, the referee confirms it Pretelt Chaljub failed to prove that he had acted in good faith without guilt when he acquired the property in question, claimed by the peasants. Likewise, he denied the status of a second inhabitant, which he would have had after receiving the property from his wife, Martha Ligia Patron Lopez.

The decision declares that there is no business of buying and selling in which peasants lose their property on this property, including one in 1999 where several peasants called Villalba Alarcón were “sold” to Evílio Enrique Díaz Láñez, who According to the former paramilitary name “Monoleche”, he was one of those responsible for pressuring and intimidating families from Europe to sell their lands.

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These lands faced great problems because in the past, Near both properties there was a huge mall Paramilitary operations and training called La 35, spread over 500 hectares. In fact, The area is controlled by Dairo Antonio Usuga, better known as Otonel, the chief of the Del Golfo clan and the target of the largest General Forces operation in Colombia.

According to El EspectadorThe pandemic was the first problem families had to face. Well, just three days after the verdict, the Supreme Judicial Council postponed all events until April 20, 2020. Among them is the handing over of materials by the First Civil Court of Land Restitution in Apartado (Antioquia).

but nevertheless, With the health crisis continuing today, the decision to reschedule the delivery was made again for February 16 this year, but it was canceled due to “the security conditions in which the Urabian police warned of the risks to the development of the commission.”

Later, on May 14, 2021, it seemed that the long-awaited transfer of land would finally happen, but in the words of the unit and again under the pretext of security, “The court was canceled because of the silence provided by the army and police to justify the security situation in the region,” he added.

According to the region’s authorities, the reason security was the big brake is that now that region, Uraba Bay, It is the center of the activities of the criminal organization with the largest presence in Colombia and the operation of Agamemnon is concentrated there, to find the most wanted man in the country: Otonel.

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