The jobs of the future will be in renewable energies and recycling: what jobs will be needed

“The number of terawatts we need to generate from solar, wind, geothermal and tidal sources is going to require huge investments and a lot of people,” De Weck said. (Getty Images)

Connection Fourth Industrial Revolution cause changes in world of work They arrive at an unusual speed, so that the present and the future are confused. The truth is that New jobs are already being requested And you’ll be more than that in a short time, so it’s convenient to know what a file is required skills.

Transformations come from hand Artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and biotechnology encompass a large number of different activities. Machines are increasingly replacing activities that don’t require creativity and analysis, but that means it Other doors open. What are those new jobs? How do you climb the train of future jobs?

“Much Young ask me what appearance They should orient themselves and I have some good recommendations. Oliver Duke, Professor of Apollo Astronautics and Systems Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts Institute of Technology , for its abbreviation in English). “I usually recommend it Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Biotechnology. They are the areas of growth for the future and the young people who are entering these new areas They will be efficient and valuable.” Explained, as posted UEStudio.

The logo indicates that in the future he is already warned
The slogan indicates that in the future it is already being warned that “everything will be digital and everything will be sustainable” (Getty Images)

In fact, De Weck, who was also the director of technology planning at AirbusAgrees with other specialists on the subject. report from World Economic Forum He also noted that the most in-demand jobs will be those in which he specializes Smart homes, cities, transportation, digital transformation, online marketing and artificial intelligence. These are activities that will include all industries and areas of human activity.

Many of these disciplines will be applied to Sustainabilitythat is, for activities that will open the need for all countries of the world to launch Mitigating the effects of climate change Across The circular economy and the active change. The logo indicates that in the future he has already been warned “Everything will be digital and everything will be sustainable,” Therefore, everything associated with these two factors is destined to grow in the coming years.

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The World Labor Organization (UNWTO) Published in 2018 report greening jobs which was calculated to be created 24 million Jobs around the world by 2030 From the implementation of the measures marked Paris Agreementthe international treaty signed by 196 countries, which entered into force on November 4, 2016, and which aims to Limit global warming to less than two degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels.

He said (Getty Images)
(Getty Images) “They are typically chemists, engineers, biologists, and materials experts who, along with industrial engineers, chemical engineers, and process engineers, adapt and incorporate these technologies into our existing processes” (Getty Images)

The report appreciated it 6 million of these new jobs will correspond to organizations that adopt circular economy which means a A new production and consumption model that optimizes resources and reduces raw material consumption and waste use through recycling. According to the same calculations, these positions will allow to replace those that were lost at the same time due to the implementation of environmental activities.

A circular economy generally requires a multidisciplinary team. Scientists are responsible for selecting the most efficient technologies,” explained Ignacio Fresenda, from the People and Organizations field for industrial transformation and the circular economy in Repsol. They are usually chemists, engineers, biologists, and materials experts That, along with Industrial engineers, chemical engineers and process engineersThey are adapting these technologies and integrating them into our existing operations,” he said.

Fresenda explained that “the circular economy will require specific training focused on startups such as Renewable hydrogen, experts in new materials, new energy engineers or big data computer scientists“.

It would take a lot of people to install, maintain and monitor all that infrastructure (Getty Images)
It would take a lot of people to install, maintain and monitor all that infrastructure (Getty Images)

In the case of renewable energies specifically, the International Labor Organization indicated in the same study that it will achieve growth in 11%, or about 5 million jobs, between 2018 and 2030, This means that demand is in full swing. “The number of terawatts we need to generate from solar, wind, geothermal and tidal sources requires significant investment and Many people to install, maintain, and monitor all that infrastructure,” Note Dweck.

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Profiles that will be on top of the needs in the near future can be included in 5 sets.

Energy companies will increasingly require engineers who research in the lab for new fuels that reduce or eliminate carbon footprints, and who can build and operate infrastructure for solar power plants, wind farms, and geothermal and tidal power plants.

Engineers and specialists will also be needed to investigate and develop new, more sustainable materials or new recycling technologies that deepen circular economy processes.

These projects are developed by
These projects are developed by “professionals such as scientists, researchers, chemical engineers, process engineers and materials experts” among others (Gettyimages)

For example, Fresneda said, in the case of Repsol, the Spanish oil company, “it is decomposing more than 40 types of waste and technologies to ensure the production of advanced biofuels and circular petrochemicals,” such as “the production of a low-footprint fuel and circular materials from pyrolysis oil from landfill plastics.” waste or biofuel production from frying oils”. These projects are developed by “Professionals such as scientists, researchers, chemical and process engineers, and materials experts,” among others.

Demand for related jobs Renewable energy infrastructure management or monitoring and data analysis generated by utilities. In addition, with the definition of products and services compatible with new demands derived from the goals of decarbonization and increased environmental awareness of customers. This group includes parkingChief Sustainability Officer, Green Marketer and Sustainability Analyst, Jobs related to development, marketing and distribution From products designed to reduce negative impacts on the environment, to respond to the growing environmental concern of consumers.

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Although specialists point out that many organizations Staff recruitment For posts related to the environmental aspects of their activities, and others getting help from external sources Those functions, that is Hiring outside consultants To comply with relevant regulations CO2 emissions, recycling and energy efficiency.

Those who can help scientists in laboratories where new materials or new recycling procedures will be needed (Getty Images)
Those who can help scientists in laboratories where new materials or new recycling procedures will be needed (Getty Images)

Whether as employees or external employees, sustainability consultants will be essential within the energy transition, specializing in Water Resources, Wind Energy Project Manager, Sustainable Logistics Consultant, Carbon Footprint Monitor, among others.

Technical files are already in great demand in many fields, but it is a branch that will grow globally in the coming years. Especially those who can handle it Installing and maintaining renewable energy infrastructure, which can assist scientists in laboratories as new materials or new recycling procedures are developed.

At this level of training you will need Methane power generation technicians, wind turbine technicians, biofuel processing technicians, waste collectors and recyclables. “In the sector, in general, the profiles of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) majors are key. And I don’t just mean college education, Vocational training is necessary in our sector,” Fresinda said.

Vocational training is essential in the new sectors (Getty Images)
Vocational training is essential in the new sectors (Getty Images)

Finally, elements related to sustainability will also require profiles such as Environmental educators, environmental designers, environmental builders, cultural managers who specialize in sustainabilityamong other things.

In this way, the energy transition and the circular economy will generate many new activities that will contribute to reducing global warming, but it will also be necessary to High levels of education.

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