The Israeli authorities have arrested five people accused of spying for Iran

File photo of an Israeli police officer in the Old City of Jerusalem

The Israeli intelligence agency arrested five Israelis for collaborating with Iran as spies and He accused them of helping an Iranian agent collect sensitive information from the country.

the suspects -Four women and a man- They could have taken pictures of strategically important sites such as the US Embassy in Tel Aviv, according to Israeli media. Haaretz. They also secretly registered an Israeli lawmaker for $5,000.

moreover, Two alleged spies persuaded their children to join the Military Intelligence Unit, How do you know Times of Israel.

The Israeli intelligence agency said in a statement that an Iranian agent, who called himself Rambod Namdar, contacted the four women via Facebook – all of them Jews of Iranian origin – posing as an Iranian Jew. Their contacts would have lasted several years in some cases.

The four women have been accused of contacting a foreign agent, which entails a Maximum sentence of 15 years.

The latest charge was also brought against a taxi driver married to one of the two women, for taking his wife to a location to be photographed.

The investigation indicates that these five agreed to carry out espionage missions in exchange for money.

File photo of Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett (Reuters/Nir Elias)
File photo of Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett (Reuters/Nir Elias)

He said, “Iran’s attempts to harm Israel’s security are not limited to security and intelligence, but rather expand to include efforts to influence the citizens of Israel. […] To implant polarization and division […] It hurts the public’s trust in the government.”Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced. And he warned that “I appeal to the citizens of Israel to be careful, because it is possible that Iranians are behind the information that you consume or share on social networks.”

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This espionage plot was exposed in full debates in Vienna to try to salvage the agreement that sought to prevent Iran from equipping itself with nuclear weapons. The agreement has been dead since then US President Donald Trump announced his country’s withdrawal in 2018. The United States, an ally of Israel, also strengthened sanctions against Iran at that time.

With information from EuropaPress, EFE and AFP

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