The Invincible, the sci-fi title, debuts its first trailer

One of the most interesting projects that awaits us that is under the radar is The Invincible. Once again, a Polish studio is emerging as the leader of a promising project. This is the case of Starward Industries, which will shape Adaptation of the science fiction novel by Stanislav Lim.

It’s been two years since it was announced and news regarding development has been really rare. Concept arts, soundtracks, and economic injection of the play were the only references. It is done with The first teaser trailerWhich you can see in all its splendor on top of the news.

The sequence introduces us to Dr. Yasna and Astrogator Novik, the protagonists of the film Invincible. His mission will be to escape from Regis III, despite the contrary order issued by the Astrogator Council. Therefore, the consequences of their actions will be fatal. We’re having a player sci-fi title and that It comes to next-generation PCs and consoles under the Unreal Engine.

35 Years of Metroid, the revolutionary sci-fi saga in which Nintendo established a new chair in video games

There will be many paths to follow, which will lead to different endings of an adventure defined as a cinematic thriller. In the chronology of the indomitable, Digital technology did not come into beingWhich did not prevent humanity from setting out to conquer the stars.

Responsible for Starward Industries are related game developers such as Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher 3, Dying Light or Dead Island. release? employment Sometime in 2022.

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