The International Monetary Fund talks about an “understanding” with Argentina in December …

Director of the Western Department at the International Monetary Fund. Alexander WernerHe considered that on the technical level, the agency and Argentina had reached a “level of understanding” to move forward with an agreement when the country deemed it appropriate. While the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, met and garnered support from Spanish officials, the executive director of the fund declared that “we have a platform for understanding to move forward with an agreement swiftly, to the point where it was decided to proceed relatively quickly.”

Werner said that his job is to interact with the authorities of the Ministry of Economy “in a very constructive manner, concrete negotiations are being conducted and put the government in a position to close an agreement as soon as the government deems it appropriate.” “We have advanced technically”Werner said during a call with the press in response to a question about the status of the negotiations.

These statements came within the framework of a press conference in which the data received from Latin America contained in the latest economic outlook report issued by the agency last week was analyzed. On when an agreement could be reached, he replied, “If when (From an agreement) he is on the side of the Argentine authorities more than on our side, and they will clearly decide which environment is the best moment. “

Likewise, when asked about Economic inflation In Argentina, he indicated that “as the Argentine authorities have expressed, the economy that is experiencing high inflation is a cause for concern, as it has been high and high over the past four years and it is important to reduce it with measures that help harmonize expectations,” he added.

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In this sense, Wertner stated, “Part of our discussion with the economy and the central bank is about it Macroeconomic frameworks and complementary measures Expectations that Argentina will move towards public policies conducive to reducing inflation and increasing the stability of the financial sector, ”allowing for a recovery in investment and employment.

The Minister’s European Tour

Economy Minister Martin Guzmán confirmed that in his meeting with his counterpart for economic affairs and the second vice president of the republic SpainNadia Calvino stepped forward to “build consensus” on the value of the Argentine recovery program as the basis for an agreement with the International Monetary Fund to restructure the debt in the amount of $ 45 billion.

Guzman, Who also held a meeting in Madrid with the Spanish Chief of Staff, Ivan Redondo, discussed in those meetings the possibility of refinancing not only debts with the IMF, but also the $ 2.5 billion commitments that Argentina holds with the club from Paris. .

The meetings were held within the framework of the tour of the Palacio de Hacienda President this week across the European continent, where he convened and will hold meetings with the economic and finance ministers of Germany, Italy and France, to discuss the renegotiation of the Argentine program with the multilateral creditors.

The tour will continue tomorrow in Paris, where the minister will meet his French financial partner, Bruno Le Maire. And with Director General of the Treasury and President of the Paris Club, Emmanuel Molin.

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