The immersive attraction of the lands of “La Casa de Papel” in the United States

Historic building Alfred I du Pont, in downtown Miami, served as the venue for the first appearance in the United States of an immersive attraction dedicated to Stealing moneyThe Spanish Netflix series that has become a global phenomenon will premiere the second part of its fifth and final season in December.

Money Heist: The Experience It opened in the US city, where it will be available until December 30, Thursday through Sunday from 11 a.m. This experience will also pass through New York and Los Angeles.

Fantasy fans will be part of La Banda, dressed in the iconic red outfit, and participate in robot From gold bars they must overcome various obstacles and solve clues.

Money Heist: The experience premiered in Miami and attracted over 2,000 people during its first weekend.

Attention of participants

Recruited by Lisbon, the character played by the actress Itziar Etonio, which appears in a video clip, attendees are part of a robbery with a plot line inspired by the series and adapted to the city they are in.

according to your promise adrenaline, you will interact with real actors and technological gadgets through a theatrical experience that takes place in approximately 600 square meters and culminates in a vault secured with a door weighing nearly 23 tons.

Thirty actors take part in the experiment, which takes place in the historic building completed in 1939, which by its seventeen floors was the tallest in Miami at the time, and which attracts the visitor’s attention with its marble walls and floors, and ornate metal grills. Hand painted iron and cypress roofs.

The structure looks like Mint From Spain, which was the target of the master’s dominant characters in the first two seasons of the Spanish series, which became the most watched non-English language production on the platform, until the Korean El Juego del Calamar was able to beat him.

“La Casa de Papel is one of the most popular shows in the world and Miami a International destination for tourism“Netflix is ​​bringing this immersive experience to the heart of downtown Miami for its US debut,” Gary Ressler, owner of the Alfred I. Dupont Building, said in a statement.

“The response has been very positive, and the audience is delighted,” said Valeria Ventosa, launch manager for this attraction. “A lot of people tell us it’s an experience they’ve never had before, and that it’s even something new for Miami.” Produced by the Spanish company Fever.

Money Heist: Trial will be available in Miami until December 30.  It will also pass through Los Angeles and New York.

Money Heist: Trial will be available in Miami until December 30. It will also pass through Los Angeles and New York.

“Money Heist: The Experience,” which debuted in Paris in July, on its first weekend in Miami, attracted more than 2.000 Folks, Ventosa revealed, is also the director of the attraction that opened in Mexico City.

This week, it will premiere in London, and will have openings in cities such as São Paulo, Singapore, Rome and of course Madrid.

The final part of this novel will be shown on December 3. Alex Pena defined The Creature as “a journey through his emotional map that connects us directly to farewell.”

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