The iconic game, free for a limited time on PC and consoles

This action title will be free to download on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Ubisoft will release fileslimited time, One of his famous games on all gaming devices. Players will be able to try this amazing title for free, and afterwards They will benefit from buying it at an incredible discount.

The iconic game, free for a limited time on PC and consoles

for honor It is one of the most popular titles Ubisoft. The French company launched a special week In this video game, since Until next Wednesday, August 3, 2022, the title can be tested for free and then purchased at an incredible discount. the two in computer As is the case in PS4players He will be able to download the full version of For Honor for free, and be able to play it until that date. users X-Box They will be able to access this feature if they are subscribed to it Xbox Live Gold.

Until the end of this For Honor Premium Week, the title can be obtained in all stores at 85% off.. Players who benefit from the game’s free trial They will keep all the progress they made in those daysso when they decide to take the title, they’ll be able to pick up where they left off.

For Honor is free to download on all consoles

For Honor, the game with more than 30 million players can be downloaded for free

Title Ubisoft It has been very popular since its release in 2017. Chosen as game of the year On PS4 and to this day, It has sold more than 30 million copies. it’s a game fighting and working group in environment Post-apocalyptic fantasy in the Middle Ages. Players will be able to choose to play as a character from one of the title factions: Samurai, Vikings or Knights. Each class of fighters has different characteristics, which users must know how to manage to control the battles. Incredible battles that will take place in different game modes.

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For Honor is free to download on all consoles


For Honor is free to download on all consoles

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