The Houthis shoot down an American drone (video)

He stated that this is the sixth device of this type that the rebels were able to destroy within the framework of the “Battle of the Promised Conquest,” which marks the beginning of hostilities in the Red Sea against ships that they considered to be somehow linked to Israel as a show of support for the Palestinian cause.

This operation was carried out with a surface-to-air missile, photos of which will be published “soon” on the rebels' social networks.

The rebels launched attacks against Israeli territory and against ships, which they attributed to Israel as a result of the attack they launched on the Gaza Strip after the attacks carried out by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) on October 7. Which left about 1,200 dead.

The group promised to preserve it until the end of the Israeli offensive, which has killed nearly 36,100 people so far.

In addition, they attacked American and British ships and other strategic assets in response to these countries’ bombing of Yemen, an intervention based on Washington and London based on their desire to ensure the safety of navigation in the Red Sea and the Kingdom’s Gulf. Aden and the Indian Ocean.

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