The host of “Ciencia al día” and “Todo por la ciencia” has been highlighted as one of the 50 Pioneers of Latin American Trends

Christian Hernandez, Science entrepreneur and program host “All for Science” and project leader “Science is modern” At 13C, he was featured in the Brazilian publication “The Next Big Thing LatAm 2023” as one of the 50 trendsetters, particularly in DeepTech.

project manager “scientific passport” which will soon premiere on Cultural Signal on the 13th, highlighted that “One of the next big trends is the birth of the specialty TkbioWhat was once considered completely separate (biology and technology) now converge to produce incredible solutions.”

The post explains it as Artificial intelligence and biology Integration, AI-powered clinicians will provide treatment recommendations based on our numerical and genetic biomarkers.

Likewise, he adds, by working together in genomics, proteomics, metabolism, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence, it will be possible to unlock the potential in Latin america And the development of innovative medicines, food ingredients, agricultural inputs and industrial chemicals with more properties.

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