The horrific images of the Russian bombing of a Ukrainian industrial facility in Khmelnytskyi

The shocking images of the Russian bombing of a Ukrainian industrial facility in Khmelnytskyi (Twitter: @Spriter99880)

one of Bombing The most powerful of Russia carried out last night took place in the Ukrainian city Khmelnitskyspecifically on a industrial facility where it is stored arms to help fight.

Unfortunately, there are enemy drone strikes on infrastructure in the Khmelnitsky region. The Ukrainian Air Force initially said that local authorities and services were assessing the damage and making all preliminary preparations to return the damaged property, calling on people in the area to “stay in shelters and stay safe”.

Pictures released hours later show the exact moment the missiles hit this site, and then a thick black cloud of smoke was generated spreading across the area.

It is believed that in the accessed facility were weapons worth half a billion dollars (Twitter: @IuliiaMendel)

President Volodymyr Zelensky’s spokeswoman, Yulia Mendel, confirmed this Coming from the north and south in which it was used Watch 136/131 Iranian-made drones.

As a result of this process, Five people were injured By shards of glass scored Damage to windows, doors, roofs, educational and medical institutions -among others- due to powerful shock waves.

The mayor of Khmelnytskyi added that two of the injured were taken to hospital, while the remaining three were assisted by health workers and taken to a center for outpatient treatment.

Five people were injured and nearby medical and educational facilities were damaged.

In any case, thanks to the fact that it is not a densely populated area, there were fewer human casualties than usually happens when Moscow attacks the civilian population directly.

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Well thought that The facility that was bombed was a weapons depot – Many of them were provided by the West – their losses may reach millions.

This attack occurred on the same night that the Kremlin ordered a new wave of attacks on the country, in which it was used 21 drones Introduction of the Persian system.

However, this technology appears to be less effective for Putin’s forces than Zelensky’s I successfully managed to shoot down 17 of them With their new air defense units. Specifically, they used anti-aircraft missile weapons, fighters and mobile fire groups.

Despite the impact, Zelensky’s army managed to shoot down 17 of the 21 drones launched in the early morning (AP)

During the latest air alert over the capital, which lasted two and a half hours, All enemy drones flying to Kiev have been successfully destroyed. “There were no reports of damage or casualties,” said the head of the local military administration, Serhiy Popko.

I followed this episode Another heavy defeat for Moscow On May 4 where Ukraine shot down an enemy hypersonic missile with one of the defense systems National.

The United States has confirmed that Ukraine shot down a Russian missile – which Putin said was “impossible” to intercept – using the Patriot system.

This was the first time the country was able to be hit by a shell x-47 Which is impossible to intercept, according to Putin.

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