The head of the Venezuelan Electoral Council rejected the disqualification imposed by Chavismo against the opposition candidates

Roberto Bacon, Dean of the Venezuelan National Electoral Council (Photo: EFE)

Dean of the National Electoral Council of Venezuela Roberto Bacon Monday refused to use the penalty disqualification Candidates for mayors and governors to be elected afterwards November 21 in the regional elections.

“We see with concern how the use of the consequential punishment of ineligibility to exercise public office is re-entering the country’s political scene, at a time when an electoral process is looming.”Bacon said in a statement posted on his Twitter account.

The university president confirmed that Lucinis Garcia And Eduardo Saman, the candidates for Mayor of Caracas, were prevented from formalizing their candidacy due to this punishment imposed by the Chavista dictatorship.

The aforementioned citizens declared their intention to exercise their political right to vote by standing for a popularly elected office, But they were surprised by last-minute decisions that were not duly or timely notified“he added.

Bacon pointed out that Article 65 of the Venezuelan Constitution stipulates that they cannot run for a popularly elected office. Those convicted of crimes committed in the exercise of their functions And that this expected circumstance aims to guarantee basic rights, such as political rights.

Venezuela will hold regional elections on November 21 (Photo: Reuters)
Venezuela will hold regional elections on November 21 (Photo: Reuters)

By these constitutional provisions, It aims to provide the greatest possible guarantee for the exercise of the rights of citizensHe pointed out not to interfere with opportunistic decisions in the administrative headquarters.

The university president said that the condition of the last sentence “It aims to protect the right to a fair trial, which includes the right to a defense, both in judicial proceedings and in administrative proceedings, all of which are linked to the content of Article 49 of the Constitution.”, some commandments which, in his opinion, were ignored in these cases.

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The political incapacity exercised in these conditions changes in its constitutional design of existence Ancillary penalties a Main penalties As a matter of facts,” he said.

He added that to this is added “the aggravating circumstance of suspending the accessory penalty until the moment when the decision-maker deems it appropriate to activate it, while giving that decision.” available A totally unacceptable turn, as unconstitutional, and the effect is equal Violation of the principles of sovereignty and the effectiveness of constitutional rules and principles“.

Vice President of the French National Assembly, Enrique Marquez, also shared Picón’s position and added, on his Twitter account, that “The discretionary use of ancillary penalty to disqualify the exercise of public office infringes the political rights of citizens.”

On November 21, Venezuela celebrates regional elections And Locations To elect governors of 23 states and mayors of 335 municipalities, as well as representatives of legislatures.

The Venezuelan opposition will participate in the regional elections in November (Photo: EFE)
The Venezuelan opposition will participate in the regional elections in November (Photo: EFE)

Venezuela’s main opposition parties have announced that they will run in the upcoming elections for governors and mayorsAfter three years of not participating in the electoral actions of the Maduro regime’s persecution against its leaders.

The dictator’s opponents did not participate in the 2018 presidential elections The legislative elections of 2020 Arguing that the measures were manipulated in favor of the Socialist United Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

Opposition leaders in Venezuela’s provinces have been pressing to abandon the abstention strategy They have spent weeks in conversations with Form a unified platform against Maduro’s allies.

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Participation in the November vote is a central issue in a new round of negotiations with the regime that will resume on September 3 in Mexico City. Politicians have asked Maduro to put in place basic electoral guarantees to ensure a free and fair electoral process, and to invite international observation missions.

(With information from EFE)

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