The head of the Islamic Development Bank has not yet agreed to disburse $500 million to Argentina

Claver Carouni is the same who previously said that the IMF’s extraordinary credit to the government of Mauricio Macri had been ordered by then-President Donald Trump to support him in his search for re-election. He admitted it when he was defending himself as a leadership candidate Islamic Development Bank.

Caron was the US representative before the IMF board when the events occurred.

The head of the Islamic Development Bank, on this occasion, is suspending the adoption of foreign currencies, arguing that he is under investigation in a series of complaints against him.One for embezzlement and the other for immorality according to the institution’s codes.

The Argentine government considers it an excuse. “Hide the money. It has become a diplomatic problem. All deadlines have expired. The last date Argentina can afford is June 30,” they complained in official letters, according to Pagina 12.

Alberto Fernandez himself had requested at the recent Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles that Claver Caron be removed Noting that “the Regional Development Bank, without further delay, should return to Latin America and the Caribbean in its management. The Islamic Development Bank requires a capitalization process to obtain more and better means of financing.”

But the request has not received an echo so far, and the US has remained in its position. before technical protection that his arrival at the place is the result of a vote of the members and that there is no place in the statute of the entity a legal impediment to the election of a citizen of that country. Given this fact, the claim of the Argentine head of state was not taken into account.

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