The graphics of this shooter are so realistic that you’ll have to watch the trailer twice to make sure it’s a video game – Unrecord

The game we’re talking about is Unrecord and it doesn’t have a release date yet, but it already went viral in a matter of hours.

If you left your mouth open after watching the trailer below, don’t worry, it’s totally normal. There have already been many games that the graphic department has surprised, but this time the protagonist of the news is Unrecord, which is Single player FPS that tells the story For a policeman who has to solve a rather complicated case. The perspective this action offers is taken from its body camera, so it’s something different from the shooters we know today.

For this, we must do Use skill typical of investigators. Likewise, everything indicates that the Decisions will matter For this novel, as shown in recent videos. Drama development team wants to submit a file Hyper realistic experience, which will seek to strengthen itself with a narrative to suit itself. Likewise, this work can already be included in a file Steam Wish List.

The creators of Unrecord explained that the title “includes complex dialogues, Innovative game mechanics, challenging moral dilemmas and a unique shooting system.” Similarly, the plot twists seem to be more than guaranteed. The drama has ensured that the aiming system will be original as it will offer unrestricted hand movements. Of course, Unrecord seems to be quite a challenge.

The developers have made it clear ‘There is no room for error’, and that it is up to the player to develop their own tactics. Moreover, it seems that the narrative will be perfectly combined with the gameplay since these, depending on the decisions you make, It will affect the fight. Narrative FPS focused on a plot rich with twists, inspired by The best crime and suspense storiesthey concluded.

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Another realistic game

It was several months ago when we echoed a video game that reminded The Blair Witch. The address we told you about last time is Paranormal Tales, a paranormal horror action that is currently still in development. Unrecord is similar in aspect to a body camera. This proposal is being developed using Unreal Engine 5, which is a graphic engine with which z can be used wonders.

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