The government will investigate the United States if there is support for the changes before the IMF

In this framework, only with the direct and clear support of the United States, which owns 17% of the shares in the organization and influences the votes of a large part of the West, can there be changes in the objectives signed within the expanded facilities. And not much. The thing to be left out in Buenos Aires is the alternative to renegotiating the agreement on other terms, less harsh than those signed by Martin Guzman last March 25. Argentina knows this is unthinkable.

This must be taken into account by Alberto Fernández when making the decision, having had dinner with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner last Monday in olive The Vice President’s message that Argentina will soon have to submit to the IMF a General review of extended facilities and terms closer to those thought by Kirchnerism than those Guzmán negotiated.

On the other hand, the former minister left a message to his successor, Silvina Batakis, when he left office: There will be no possibility for the body’s board of directors to accept changes to the existing expanded facilities, unless, obviously, there is some kind of political agreement at a very high level between Fernandez and Biden. Subsequently, the North American president directly influences so that the other member states in the management of the IMF are at the mercy of which the North American head of state will, once again, ask for Argentina’s help.

Guzmán had made contact with the IMF men on Saturday afternoon, already when the exit and retaliation process was completed. The conversation was awaited with the same intensity in both Buenos Aires and Washington, as they wanted to understand what was happening in Argentina.

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Not out of ignorance of Creole political reality, given that the IMF has more than characteristic information about the crisis between Albertism (or what remains of it) and Kirchnerism. The question raised yesterday afternoon in the organization is what Alberto Fernandez thought about the continuation of the agreement approved on March 25 in Washington. More specifically, if Argentina considers continuing with the agreement, or will deny it as politically lapsed, it will therefore call for renegotiation.

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