The government is stuck at its own game: it seeks international support, but is sending signals of its own political crisis

View the new block. The division of the Todos Front shook the Senate

Sergio Massa closes on Saturday, in India, a Full schedule From the meetings within the framework of the G20 Ministers Summit. These are recovery efforts minimal interest in the markets and Consolidation Negotiations with the International Monetary Fund. In other words: the government You need international oxygen To contain the economy, which is strained by the effects of inflation, the scarcity of the dollar, and the first steps of the election year. a point, contradictory And expensive, is that the letter was not written only at that meeting or in Washington. Local politics is important and so is local signaling Special crisis.

The Minister of Economy maintained dozens of contacts with officials participating in the meeting, including representatives of the United States, India, China, Germany and Brazil. Also, with officials from international organizations. A new conversation with Kristalina Georgieva plays a role in the board of directors of economic negotiations with the IMF, in particular those related to Targeted reserve levels. Sensitive issues with interlocutors Generally informed.

And what news started simultaneously from Buenos Aires? Breaking into the overlapping bloc of pro-government senators – relevant data, with diverse readouts, including bills between Alberto Fernandez And Christina Fernandez de Kirchner– The failure of the extraordinary sessions called for by the president, and serious clashes with the opposition – which drags its colleagues – because of the ruling party’s unified attack on the Supreme Court of Justice.

All these elements have their own history, and together deterioration appear. The delicate economic situation and its social impact are fueling tensions and calculations everywhere, but the political reaction, as a global picture, is to be sure Not connected to reality. Levels of responsibility differ for where management is, but the argument in opposition — in Together for Change, but not exclusively — revolves around Interpretation of “crack” and how to deal with it. At the moment, there is no complete reference to The demand that the crisis will demand from the new governmentWhatever in terms of political armament.

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In the case of the ruling party, Breaking the quartet of senators It constitutes the most annoying piece of information, especially if it is taken as disease sign. For some, a serious alarm in the context of other signs of adaptation to They maintain their own spaces against national attritionHe also expressed the disengagement from provincial elections in the case of some Peronist conservatives. However, what was even more surprising was the subsequent attempt Blame Olivos only By Kirchnerism, he once again put himself out of administration and despite breaking CFK’s absolute dominance in the Senate.

The movement of dissident senators does not appear united, although it was presented from the outset as constructive “anti-crack” Or at least away from the internal crack from the ruling front. Individual intentions to formalize the new bloc, under the title of federal unity, seem different. Worth a brief review.

Gugino William Snoopeck He referred directly to Alberto Fernández, who was also influenced by the climate of disagreements in the fractious Peronism of his province. San Luizina Maria Eugenia Catalafamo He responds to Peronism in his area, with Alberto Rodriguez SA Showing off beside Juan Chiaretti. Corentino Carlos Espinola Less biased and Entre Ríos Edgar Quaider Try to stress that this is not a complete break with the ruling party. The move, from the outside, is calculated by Alejandra VigoThe wife of the ruler of Cordoba. We’ll see how it goes.

The fight to bring the court to court continues. So far, only activity in the deputies
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However, it was the first direct expression he had frustration For the Frente de Todos in its attempt to convene the first and only session of the extraordinary term in the Senate. Some talks took place last Monday and Tuesday to achieve a quorum. As it generally happens, JxC has not been contacted to agree on a date and agenda. The ruling party, accompanied by two or three permanent allies, secured the number. this time, This was not the case due to the emigration of the four senators mentioned above.

This division was born Contradictory readings On the surface, however, indications of the situation in the ruling party. Kirchnerism circulated Snopek’s note, which Severely accused Alberto Fernandez. The bill is revealed as another way to make him solely responsible for it Damage and costs From mismanagement in management. On the contrary, the other evaluation, also one-way, is highlighted Injury to CFK in their lands of power.

The other notable element, also indistinguishable from the outside, is the legislative stage promulgated by the executive branch passed without any session. Alberto Fernandez submitted to Congress a list of 26 initiatives – Three of them claimed by the economy-, in addition to the motive for Supreme Court Prosecution. Perhaps next Tuesday, the Todos Front will achieve a quorum of deputies for debate A couple of projects Despite the refusals JxC has so far maintained in response to the proceedings against the court.

The political trial in the area of ​​the House of Representatives advances with an average number for the ruling party. He has no prospects of consecrating the accusation in the complex. But enough to expose The ruling party unit only in this area: Attack on Justice combines Kirchner’s pressure, the president’s alignment on the issue and the public’s silence to avoid a divergent gesture that could have Kirchner artillery ramifications for his administration.

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Known: constitutes the charge against the head of the judiciary important data externally. The opposition has just added, in addition, loud accusations about Violation of the elementary rules of operation That targets the four court judges and tries to approve operations “illegal intelligence”.

Next Wednesday, attention will turn again to Congress. The president must speak before the Legislative Assembly. From the circle of Olivos, it is evident that he focuses on discourse, projected as a new element in the inner reading. We’ll see what is the position of CFK. All, projecting beyond the local audience.

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