The government adds to the budget 4.334 billion US dollars from the International Monetary Fund that came through the Special Drawing Rights and mandates debt repayment

Collimated, The body responsible for coordinating the systems that make up the financial management of the national public sector is authorized to issue US dollar bonds in the amount of up to $4.33 million for ten years., with full amortization at maturity, and the payment being in whole or in part, which would have an interest rate equal to that accrued from the International Reserves of the Central Bank (BCRA) for the same period and a maximum of the annual LIBOR minus one percentage point.

The interest will be paid on a semi-annual basis and the subscription to these bills must be incorporated into Special Drawing Rights (SDR), and will be placed with the Central Bank at par with the interest accrued from the date of deposit.

Resources from participation in these Bills may only be used to pay obligations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The decree states that on September 22 and December 22, the maturities will operate with the fund under the 2018 agreement in a total amount of $3,810,206,059.74, not provided for in the national budget for fiscal year 2021., and “in order to avoid falling into a disruptive situation, and at the same time to preserve the negotiation process to restore the sustainability of the commitments made, and due to the exceptional allocation referred to in previous concerts, it is encouraged to include Special Drawing Rights (SDR) in the current budget to be able to meet the payment of deadlines The following maturity with the IMF”.

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