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It is the sequel to the famous series “Between Knives and Secrets”, which is celebrated and Chris Evans. Now the new movie, kept And it featured a new cast of stars like Edward Norton, Dave Bautista, Kate Hudson, Janelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn, and more.

the tapeImmediately, it was compared to the first installment and significant differences were found, such as the one Edward Norton commented on in a recent interview to promote the premiere’s premiere. which was introduced on December 23.

Is it better than the first? Don’t you have an advantage? And it paved the way for what could be sold in the next movie, as it bought the streaming platform Two sequels for $469 million in 2021.

The second was his premiere in September, and in the United States, it appeared on November 23 in cinemas. Even the movie is found all over the world Available on streaming.

Edward Norton, Madeline Cline and Daniel Craig in Glass Onion (Image: Netflix)

What are the differences between “The Glass Onion” and “Between Knives and Secrets”?

for Edward Nortonthe film ‘Onion Glass’ is more fun than the first film, ‘Between Knives and Secrets’, which was one of the goals contemplated by franchise manager, Rian Johnson. So he said Actor from Miles Bron In an interview with Sensacine Latam.

the “Fight Club” star He stated that another important point that differs from the previous batch is the social criticism he directs towards the wealthy class. A kind of mockery of his way of seeing life.

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“There is more of a satirical element of society in this one than there was in the first one. I think it explains a modern kind of person, and I think it’s more fun, and it’s totally intentional on Ryan’s part.”Hinge Norton Gate said.

Edward Norton gives life to businessman Miles Bronn (Image: Netflix)

Edward Norton gives life to businessman Miles Bronn (Image: Netflix)

What is “The Glass Onion: Knives Out of Mystery” about?

the The plot of “Onion Glass: Knives Out Mystery” It focuses on detective Benoit Blanc’s sea voyage to Greece, where he will have to solve a new case with other suspects, similar to the previous dynamic of the first film.

The hero warns a group of ship passengers that their lives are in danger, amidst a puzzle that sets the tone for the mystery, uncertainty, and constant changes of the new story. Rian Johnson.

Watch the Glass Onion: Knives Out of Mystery trailer here.

Who are the actors and characters in “The Glass Onion”?

  • Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc
  • Edward Norton as Miles Bron
  • Janelle Monáe as Helen Brand and Cassandra “Andy” Brand
  • Kathryn Hahn as Claire DiBella
  • Leslie Odom Jr. as Lionel Toussaint
  • Kate Hudson as Birdie Guy
  • Dave Bautista as Duke Cody
  • Jessica Henwick as Peg
  • Madeline Klein as Whiskey
  • Noah Segan as Derol
  • Jackie Hoffman as Ma Cody
  • Dallas Roberts as Devon DiBella

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