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relationship Martin Redrado s Luciana Salazar It ended with a scandal, and a year ago, the media decided to expose the economic betrayals and cut ties with him. In the final hours, he learns that Lolli and Redrado have reached a contractual agreement and that he will have a relationship with Matilda again.

Paula Varela He read the statement that Martin Redrado signed after agreeing with the form and revealed that the economist accepted without complaint all the conditions imposed on him by the media to resume contact with him. Matilda, the young girl that Lully lived with through surrogacy in the United States.

At the time, Paula told what a lavish gift Redrado gave the 4-year-old: “This is because he wants to reconnect with Matilda. In fact, on the girl’s birthday, which was last week, he sent her a large sum of money in dollars as a gift. He gave her money as a gift.”

Adrián Pallares commented on the eye-catching gesture to Luciana’s ex-lover: “He is passionate! Another thing: the boys ask Santa Claus for toys. Suffice it to say that they need clothes, parents buy them.” Hot, he told the journalist about the reaction of the girl’s mother: Luciana was happy.

He continued: “A girl can buy what she wants now: a car, a house”. Then came the turn Karina Yavikoli To comment on Redrado’s gift to Matilda: It’s rare for a girl to get paid. It’s a weird way to reconnect. It’s weird”.

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