The FMF is seeking the women’s national team to hold more matches in the United States

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To encourage the growth of women’s football in the country, Yon de Luisa, President Mexican Football Federation, informed his intent to make National Choice More matches were held in the United States, and against teams from other confederations.

The manager highlighted the friendly matches that Monica Vergara Its players have already faced this year, as before the community of Las Bars y las Estrellas, the current king of the world, and forces from other regions such as Japan and SpainWhich helps to expel the representative of the Aztecs.

“We are looking for good competitors and cannot look for a higher quality team than our northern neighbours,” he said.

He also indicated that he calls in front of FIFA So that both parties have no audience National ChoiceAs a result of the anti-gay outcry, don’t push the women’s class. He explained that the final decision of this penalty will reach the offices of the Federation at the end of August.

As part of the Women Empowerment Project, Yon de Luisa reported this afternoon the revitalization of the FIFA Academy to attract talent from Mexican players. It should be noted that this program has been suspended due to the emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic.

At the conference, Anna Galindo, Technical Director of Tri Sub 17, They described seeing a total of 1,331 players in the 12 places visited, to promote teams and clubs. In total, 20 football players were selected, who will be monitored in sports clinics by the technical bodies of the federation.

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De Luisa explained that what is required, in working with FIFA, is to promote women’s football, and for this it is necessary to attract talent. He emphasized that Mexico, with regard to matters of this class, was in the process of unification. We still have a long way to go, we weren’t at the end of the road Globalism, but the things that need to be done are done,” he concluded.


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