The five heavenly places that pay you to move: how much do they give you and what are the subtleties

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic last year, Cities that offer good job and housing opportunities in the most unpopulated areas with a goal Boosting population growth and revitalizing the economy.

I went to some cities One step ahead And as an incentive for people to move and thus restore youth and advance the economy, They offer money for people to go live there.

These are five cities that pay you to move, and they are dominated by Italy and the United States.

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Vermont, United States

As the second least populous state in the United States, the Vermont government has found it necessary to go a little further to encourage population growth with remote worker assistance program: Offers an incentive of up to u $ 10.000 For those who decided to participate. The only requirement to be able to register is to have a work contract in another state of the country, but it can be done remotely for a stay in Vermont. In this case, the exact version of the bill is that it only applies to those who live in the United States.

Kandel, Italy

Italy is famous for having one of the oldest populations in the world. The birth rate seems to be lower year by year and The government is doing everything in its power to reduce this situation, aid population growth and revitalize the economy of many of the country’s small towns, given that Rome is not everything.. In this case, the town of Kandela, located in the Foggia region, is willing to pay $941 for singles and $2350 USD Couples with children want to move in.

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Sambuca, Italy

Famous tactic for homes before 1: It has become common during the year 2020 mainly in small and remote cities in Europe that seek to encourage people to move there and thus revitalize demographic and population growth. In this case it is Sambuca, also known as The most beautiful city in Italythat offer homes for only exchange 1. What is microprinting? Those wishing to participate must agree to renovate homes and pay a deposit 5,881 USD, which will be compensated once the house is completed.

Alaska, United States

The state where the sun sets earlier than anywhere else: Alaska, the United States, which has been trying to revitalize its economy and population for more than 10 years. Since 1982, in order to maintain a good flow of immigration, the Alaskan government has given him a bond 1200 dollars Those who live there for more than a year. Here are the subtleties in this case: they pay to live there, not to move there.

Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan is the central province of the Canadian Meadows: its capital is Regina and its most populous city is Saskatoon. However, the population of this Canadian province remains incredibly low, which has led to profound social and economic problems, a stagnant economy, and a declining population. In order to remedy the situation, the Canadian government advances around 15,292.00 USD To encourage people to move there.

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