The first woman to lead the National Academy of Medicine of Venezuela

  • The medical and professional surgeon who graduated from the University of California, was appointed to this position due to her career and contributions to science in the country

The National Academy of Medicine announced, Thursday, June 9, the selection of Isis Nez de Landita, surgeon and professor at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), to be the first woman to hold the position of president in the institution’s history. ..

Neser de Landita holds a Master’s degree in Biochemistry from University College London in England. He also holds a PhD in Medical Sciences which he studied at Zulia University. He has received honors such as his appointment as an individual from a number of the National Academy of Medicine, the thirty-fourth president.

She served as Director of the Luis Razetti School of Medicine at the University of California for four years (1978-1982). He also holds the honorary chair of the National Center for Bioethics of this study house, currently with 61 years of management.

In this way, on the Board of Directors of the National Academy of Medicine (2022-2024) accompanied by Dr. Huniades Urbina Medina as Vice President; Mario Sorge as Secretary; Dr. Lilia Cruz as Treasurer and Dr. Guillermo Colmenares as Librarian.

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Isis Nez de Landita was born in Caracas. She is a surgeon who graduated from the Central University of Venezuela and is currently a retired professor from the same university.

According to the UCV news portal, Nezer de Landaeta was named president of the Venezuelan Society for the History of Medicine and was able to be one of the first medical school directors in Latin America when she became principal of the Luis Razetti School of Studies in this house.

About the National Academy of Medicine

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The National Academy of Medicine of Venezuela is an official, scientific and research institution. It was created in Caracas as the College of Physicians of Venezuela on May 10, 1902. President Cipriano Castro repealed the law establishing the college and turned it into the National Academy of Medicine on April 8, 1904. Finally, the academy was settled by The first time was on June 11, 1904.

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The first group of founders is made up of professors from the Faculty of Medicine: Luis Razetti, José Gregorio Hernández, Thomas Aguirrevir Bacanenos, Pablo Acosta Ortiz, Juan Pablo Tamayo, Juan Antonio Diaz, Juan de Dios Villegas Ruiz, Guillermo Delgado Palacios and David. Lupo, Francisco Antonio Risquez and Simone Famond Plesboa.

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There were a total of 26 members inducted into the National Academy of Medicine on June 11, 1904. On that day they agreed to meet every Thursday at 4:00 pm in the Examination Hall of Central University (the current session hall of the National Academy of History, East Wing). It was at that place that they elected their first board of directors, which was formed as follows:

President: Alfredo Machado

First Vice President: Tomás Aguerrevere Pacanins

Second Vice President: Emilio Ochoa

Permanent Secretary: Luis Rossetti

Under Secretary: Juan de Dios Villegas Ruiz

Treasurer: Bernardo Herrera Las

Permanent Librarian: Eduardo Fernandez

The next action of the newly installed academy was to immediately and unanimously incorporate six professionals, after being accepted as members of the College of Physicians of Venezuela. The date of the election of this third group was, June 11, 1904. According to the text, the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bcreating this institution was with the aim of creating a continuation of the medical college in the country.

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