The first Witcher was going to be bigger, but they removed the items to make it more exciting

This was the best thing that could happen to the franchise, according to the game’s narrative designer.

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the magician, the title that catapulted into one of the most popular video game franchises today, may be very different from what we know. Red Projekt CD, the studio in charge of the project, had intentions that failed to see the light of day, like doing more Long the game. Double what you ended up with, to be more precise.

We had to remove it all because of our budget.Artur JanzenicThe statement came from Artur Janzenic, the narrative designer of the first The Witcher title. at recent days to interviewGanszyniec admitted that the title will have more settings, characters, and even a file hero Brand new, called Berengar.

“We had to remove it all because of donationGanszyniec explained. “We had to find a way to tell the story using fewer characters.” It ended up making The Witcher a more succinct and emotional video game. And while it was a stressful job, it was “the best thing that could have happened to the game,” according to Ganszynick.

However, elements of the game remained that Ganszyniec did not like. “To be honest, I am not a fan of card trading NudesBut the decision was out of my hands, “the opinion is shared because Maciej Szczesnik, the playstyle designer at the time, added that that’s the only thing he’s embarrassed about today.

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“The Witcher’s first is a miracleIt was also designed and developed by many hobbyists,” concluded Ganczynic. Today, the fruit of the team’s efforts from those years is noticeable, as we have Netflix series with season two On the road, the same There will be more matches to please the fans.

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