The first will be solo and the second will be multiplayer

Players can now join the queue in this long-awaited role-playing game.

With the original being one of the most beloved RPGs of all time, it’s no wonder that Diablo II: The Resurrection He raised great expectations among fans. One of the most exciting announcements at the latest BlizzCon event was that the game’s launch will happen this year after going through a period Alpha technology. What we didn’t know was that actually there would be two.

at Interview Through the PC Games N portal, producer Chris Lena explains that the first and only test announced so far can only be conducted alone, ”after which we will have a second technical alpha test, which will be directed to Multiplayer And server saturation tests […] This is how much we can break down. In other words, the Contents and features Available during these sessions is a mystery, along with the terms of their availability.

According to the original script, Blizzard will be ready for this The latest change To the game to attend to the impressions of its players. We assume most of the potential changes will be directed at interface, balance, sandbox updates status or new graphics, for example, but this is something that will emerge over time. In any case, interested players can participate Participation To the queue through the official website.

Diablo 2 Resurrected will arrive sometime waiting for pending specs for 2021And she will bring engravings reimagined in three dimensions, Updated textures and effects, Along with a maximum resolution of 4K and a soundtrack that has also been remodeled. We already know everything System requirements From the game, although you probably don’t need to switch pieces to enjoy this classic PC game. As a reminder, we really had a chance Chat with the developers of Diablo IV Search for clues about the future of the saga.

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