The federal Equipar Ciencia program receives new applications

Upload is enabled to introduce new applications under the Equipar Ciencia Federal program. Public bodies that are part of the Inter-Institutional Council for Science and Technology (CICyT) and public science and technology bodies of regional and/or municipal jurisdictions may submit applications.

For those organizations that have previously applied, this new version of the form will allow editing of organizational information and teams that were not selected in the first assessment (adding or deleting teams, updating their information, changing priorities, etc.). Additionally, donated equipment can be viewed.

The Federal Equipar Ciencia program has in turn updated the general terms of presentation. The main modification consists in expanding the range of equipment that can be ordered: between $50,000 and $1,200,000. –

Likewise, the limit on the amount of medium equipment that can be included in the presentation and the number of applications each organization can submit annually has been eliminated.

The Federal Equipar Ciencia Program, which is based on the Secretariat for Scientific and Technological Expression, and whose executive coordination is in charge of the Under Secretary for Institutional Coordination, seeks to enhance the scientific research, development and technological innovation capabilities of SNCTI institutions through the acquisition of media and significant equipment, from a federal perspective.

In this sense, corporate planning for medium and large equipment needs is strengthened. The maximum amount that each institution may request from MINCYT, for each province in which it is located, will be the equivalent in Argentina of two million US dollars (US$2,000,000) pesos. In other words, if the institution is located in more than one province, it can place a different request to each of them for the maximum amount. A strategy that supports the federation of resources.

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Those proposals for HPC equipment made in the previous closure will be evaluated within the national HPC system, under the National Supercomputing Capabilities Enhancement Plan. In this new opening, no proposals for supercomputing equipment will be received, because investment in this type of equipment is in the planning stage by MINCyT.

Applications can be submitted throughout the year (permanent window method). The new deadline for receiving projects for evaluation will be August 31, 2022. For more information on the General Conditions of the Program and the format of the offer, enter here. For questions or doubts about the program, write to [email protected].

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