The famous documentary series featuring the real Beatles concludes

Sponsored by tales of the moment and completely unknown clips of the Beatles’ well-known experiences, the soap opera “Get Back” arrives this weekend on Disney+ in installments, Thursday, yesterday and today.

The platform organized, on Thursday evening, an exclusive show with a summary of clips from the three episodes that this production will show, which adopts Peter Jackson as director, and who, in addition, declared that he is a fan of the Liverpool quartet and a natural connoisseur of its music.

“It became a way to expose valuable details and with a different look, from what we knew, and frankly, presenting the rooftop party is a gem, it is something memorable, something we deserve and will be grateful to all for the time and life,” Jackson said in the video presentation that took place at Lunario at the National Hall.

Held on January 30, 1969 on the roof of Apple Corps, in Savile Row, London, the show is the culmination of audiovisual musical narration moderated by Giles Martin, son of legendary group producer George Martin.

Whoever sits in front of the television, screen or device to watch more than six hours of the television series, will discover behind the scenes how some recordings of the Beatles were recorded in the capital of the United Kingdom and the preparation and filming of that tale they thought to present in Sabratha (Libya) or the ocean ship QE2 or Giza Pyramids.

The director of the saga “The Lord of the Rings” reflects on the film’s contribution to the history of music and public archives, not only to the Beatlemaniac, but to those who pride themselves on valuing good rock and roll.

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The late George Harrison comes out with some cute weird slippers that prove that artists put fashion trends ahead of many fashion icons.

Yoko Ono is also seen, inseparable from John Lennon, and in all kinds of moods: bored, excited, tired, indifferent, intrigued, collective, smitten.

In the more than 60-hour footage filmed by Michael Lindsay-Hoggin in January 1969, group jokes were made between the members of the group, in which there was a pleasant environment and a very close friendship. This footage contained over 150 hours of audio restoration.

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