The extraordinary story of a young woman who had the shortest history of her life

a an appointment Failed to spread on social networks after the story of A young man Who claimed that he had the shortest meeting of his life.

The heroine of the story is a 30-year-old Chilean woman who, on her Twitter account, appearing as “Luke’s mother”, told what she lived with a man, whom she arranged to meet in a bar. I arrived earlier and waited for him to take beerbut from the second glass it’s all over.

“I couldn’t resist and said, ‘Look, at this point I think you know this doesn’t suit me,'” the young woman told her her date. After that, he detailed the reasons for the failure of the meeting: “I’m going for rumours. He arrived at the building after I and I had already asked for an IPA.” He weighed the brew, saying, “This beer is not from the fall.” Ah, she answered, but I like them even when it’s cold.

“But you should take a better black.”The man told him. “If you prefer black, order one. I prefer IPAs.” It didn’t look good anymore, but he continued.


And the young man turned to a new question: “Why do you have your own Instagram profile?” She replied, “Because I post a lot of personal stuff, I’m only the best people I can trust.” “It looks like you’re hiding something,” he said. “None of this, it’s just safety. I feel more comfortable that way.” The boy insisted, “Are you shocked or something?”

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The conversation changed the topic. “Where do you want to travel?” asked the man. , but without letting her continue, he added: “Inside Chile, I imagine.”

“The truth is, I’ve already seen almost everything I wanted here, and I miss the towers and Easter Island, but I’m going to put it off for a while,” she explained. He asked her and showed her the pictures, but she explained, “I’ve already been to all those places.”

She kissed the boy “Ah then, you know” and explained that after touring her country, she was now interested in crossing to another continent. “But where? Europe? It’s overrated,” he said. I asked “Have you gone?” “No, but that’s what I heard. Only cuicos go (referring to high class people)”.

And the last straw came: “How long have you been single?” Asked. “More or less than 4 years”. The young man’s response was not more successful: “Wow! That’s too long. Why have you been alone for so long?”.

She patiently explained, “Well, I had a good relationship, then the mourning came and then the epidemic. It didn’t happen. What about you?” , I wondered. “6 and a half years”. “But you have more time than me, why are you so surprised by four years?” He told her, “Because I’ve been dating for a long time and you haven’t.” “Well, that is relative,” she said. “They only say that it is relative to the one who does not argue”The young man pointed out.

“That’s when I told him this wasn’t going anywhere and that I was going to ask for the bill, but he didn’t have to stay while I finished my beer (which he brought recently) because I was paying the bill. Please leave….”

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The story went viral on Twitter with more than 80,000 “likes” and the young woman closed her thread with: “Conclusion: It’s hard to date in 2022.”

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